Black and white wallpaper in the interior.

In recent years, more and more popular in black and white wallpaper.The interior of the premises, they always look very stylish.Of course, it's quite a bold combination, and not everyone will dare to use it.Moreover, such a solution requires careful consideration of all design, taking into account its purpose.Making room as the opposite color, it is important to prevent the establishment of official and rather grim situation, which is completely devoid of warmth and comfort.

Features black and white wallpaper

dark shades, especially black, should be used with great caution.It is necessary to find a balance, but in this case you get a perfect, luxurious room.The main thing - to choose a wallpaper.Today we will discuss the possible combinations and try to find out in which areas make better use of wallpaper in black and white.

Figure black on white

This elegant option.White with black pattern wallpaper suitable for even very small rooms.Keep in mind that the larger the picture and the more blac

k in it, the closer will seem a wall.In other words, black wallpaper with a large pattern narrow space.They will look impressive in the cases:

  • use them on a small section of the wall;
  • if they are separated by a wall horizontally.

The upper part (with a picture) should be 2/3 of the wall at the bottom must be white wallpaper pokleit.

drawing white on black

Black and white wallpaper in the interior should be selected based on the size of your room and listen to their feelings.White drawing on black wallpaper - it is absolutely glamorous option.However, it is important to comply with the measure.Design black and white wallpaper obliged to get rid of the many sharp parts in the interior, to the room did not seem defiantly bright.It is better to add more light, neutral tones.You can paste over such wallpaper one wall and thus carve out a zone in the room.

Equal proportions of white and black

So you've decided to use a black and white wallpaper.The interior is small and dark room they will be misplaced.These samples are suitable only for large and airy rooms.In a small room like wallpaper will visually "shift" to each other.They are good for a wall decoration or a small area, the size of 1 x 1 meter.This kind of panel can serve as a good background for a mirror, a TV or dressing table.

Satin pattern on the matte background

This luxury interior room!Wallpaper with a brilliant pattern is always romantic.But they require a specific approach to the selection of furniture and general decor of the room.In this room it should be elegant, impeccable quality.

geometry and dynamics of a certain rhythm becomes interior of the room, where the wallpaper has a pattern.They always look spectacular in the store, but that does not mean that you will be comfortable to live with them.The fact that such a rhythmic style has a powerful energy, which is twice as amplified by the use of strong contrasts.Therefore, such wallpaper is better to combine with bright monochromatic areas.

Classic style

Fine graceful lines, vignettes, flowers and plants - typical figures for the classics.The combination of black and white, they look even smarter.Such walls do not require additional decorations - they themselves are a luxury.Note wallpaper white with black flowers.They will long remain at the height of fashion.

wallpaper bedroom

If you want to relax and shake off the burden of the past day, you need to very carefully think through the interior of the bedroom.Wallpapers black and white colors in this case may seem provocative.In addition, many believe that this is not a pitch for recreation.However, it is not.The main thing - the right choice.Do not buy the wallpaper in which colors are represented in equal proportions.If the base color - black, it is necessary to pay more attention to lighting.It should be very much to the room did not seem too grim.It looks spectacular interior of the bedroom, which have floral wallpaper pattern in black and white in the style of the fifties.Very good small geometric patterns.In a small room appropriate light wallpaper with a black print.For a more spacious premises suitable black background with a large white pattern.

original and refined looks male bedroom with black and white wallpaper.It looks good mix of regions with a predominantly black and fields, which is dominated by the color white.This room looks strictly at the same time luxurious.

We make living

For many, the important question of what the wallpaper is preferable to the living room.Remember one rule: the more space and above its ceiling, the wallpaper can be richer.The room is smaller, the lighter must be wall.The same applies to the drawing.Small living room will look more spacious, if pokleit wallpaper on the walls with a rare, perhaps geometric patterns.Not bad look and fabric with vertical stripes.They visually expand the space.

wallpaper in the interior of the living room (the photos you see in this article) should be selected based on ambient light.If your windows are located to the north, it is better to use bright colors - gold, lemon, cream, beige.The rooms facing south, you can safely decorate cold tones.They also can experiment with black and white wallpaper.Here they are appropriate.

Black and white kitchen

Kitchen, designed in such a scheme, looks very stylish.However, such an interior require scrupulous approach to the design details.It is necessary to reconcile the selected color scheme with walls, ceiling and floor.For example, a clear white color is best to dilute or pearl beige.Rich black to visually reduce the size of the kitchen, but will create a kind of intimacy and comfort.Therefore, they are best used in a more spacious room.If your kitchen is narrow and elongated, the white color is best to use along the long wall, and black - on the shorter.Thus, the geometry of the room change.

furniture in a kitchen should have a minimum decorative finishes, but the presence of glass or mirror inserts required.As accessories look good inlays smoked glass.No less impressive looks chrome apron above the work surface.

must be remembered that the two colors in the interior may look boring.Therefore, you can use yellow, blue or red accessories.Red and blue lamps of a seating area and a bright yellow chandelier dilute monochrome room.The white-and-black interior of the kitchen looked good tables with glass surfaces.

types of wallpaper

Today the assortment of wallpapers in a trading network is so great that to choose the desired patterns can be very difficult.Non-woven and paper, glass and fabric, bamboo and vinyl - this is an incomplete list of wallpaper, which are particularly popular today.

Select an option

Design black and white wallpaper always very effective and bold.Therefore not all be solved at such a radical change in their homes.It is much more accustomed to choose the more neutral shades.Well, it's a matter of taste of each person.But how to choose the "quiet" wallpaper for the living room, so they did not look like your grandmother's room, and was stylish and modern?

In many ways your choice should depend on the overall style of the room.Suppose you decided to turn your living room into the boudoir of exquisite rococo or renaissance.In this case, you'll need fabric wallpaper.They are made of non-woven fabrics and textiles.Decorative layer is usually jute fiber, silk, polyester, velvet and felt.Rest assured, these wallpapers decorate your living room.However, you should know what to look for them is much more difficult than traditional vinyl.They are well collect dust, but it is impossible to wash them.

No less effectively looked in the living room and bamboo wallpaper that can transform a room in a luxury room.But they completely hang the wall is not recommended.Just select one zone.Caring for them is simple - just twice a year to clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

Those who are not afraid of innovation and experimentation, propose to use black and white wallpaper for the living room.You can decorate the wall panels of wallpaper, which contrast sharply with the color of the interior.For example, bright panels in black tones is perfect for the gray walls.Dark walls better to decorate the "stained glass" with a gentle light pattern.Such contrasting spots create original and interesting interiors.An interesting combination with photo wallpapers.I do not think that this is the last day.By the wallpaper of the Soviet period with a sad birch on the bank of a pond running they have no relationship.Today's designs - a work of art.This statement applies not only to the colorful landscape.Black and white city - wallpaper, which will give charm and elegance to your room.

Okleivaya wall black and white wallpaper, you must know that they do not accept cluttering furniture and various accessories.Contrast - is a very powerful decorative element.One of the undoubted advantages of this design is its neutrality.It is possible to change the mood of a room without changing the trim.If this room was bright accent textiles, then replacing it, you get a completely different interior.

Nouveau, retro, high-tech

For these styles is the best suited in black and white wallpaper.The interior is decorated with modern facilities, they are particularly relevant.In the living room such decoration will emphasize, say, scarlet soft furnishings.This kind of universal cover, able to make any more expressive direction.


In recent years, has returned to the fashion wallpapers.And the most popular patterns in black and white.Here it is where the imagination to roam!Do not be afraid to experiment - in any case, the room will look awesome!Besides, they can at any time change to the other.There are several groups photowall

  • adhesive;
  • texture;
  • non-woven;
  • murals imitation of plaster;
  • laminated.

use of black-and-white photo wallpapers - this is all the rage.His popularity they deserve thanks to the possibility to experiment with colors and shades present in the interior of the room.They are perfectly combined both with soft pastel colors and a very bright and vivid.