Mural in the interior of the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Surely our mothers and grandmothers remember well the fashion of wallpapers, which reigned about thirty years ago.The choice of finishing materials in Soviet stores was so meager that the wallpapers seemed the acme of perfection.With their help, I managed to make at least a fraction of the originality of the interior typical apartments.In addition, the price was quite reasonable.

Subjects photowall in those days was limited - forest, river, birch.Few people could link them to the plot interior.Therefore, when the market began to expand finishing materials, wallpapers smoothly moved to outsiders.

triumphant return

no secret that fashion is moving in a circle.It took some thirty years, and Desktop again take a leading position.One reason for the renewed interest was a huge variety of subjects and themes.Now you can choose wallpapers more carefully, taking into account the style of the room, its size, preferences hosts.

Contemporary Mural in the interior of the living room, bedroom, kitchen perform

not only decorative but also practical function.They can hide the shortcomings of the room, visually changing its geometry.

Modern Mural

Today, this material is not only a manifold increase in photographic images, as it was before.Today, it can be a reproduction of paintings, comics, fresco, interesting frame of the movie, night sky or point of interest of the city.Such a huge range allows you to choose an interesting option for any space.Today we tell you what Mural in the interior living room, bedroom, children are most appropriate.

interior room with photo wallpapers

Experienced designers believe that Desktop appropriate in any room.But they look especially good in the living room.Ideal place them in the relaxation zone.This refers to the wallpapers with beautiful scenery.That is why they often can be seen in the living room or bedroom, as these people rest rooms.Mural in the interior of living appropriate to place directly in the recreation area.You can put a sofa directly to the wall, which is lined with such examples, but you can place it so that a realistic admire the scenery.Mural in the interior of the living room will contribute to the creation of the original accent wall on which to hang the TV, but only if they have an abstract figure or a major part covers the background.Otherwise, you lose part of the picture, and the TV will look like something completely inappropriate and unnecessary.

All finishing materials are able to change the interior.Living room, wallpapers which have urban themes (streets, buildings, squares), is likely to appeal to fans of loft-style, urban, high-tech.Excellent addition in this case be brick, stone, metal.Mural in urban living subjects perfectly complement minimalist modern furniture, glass tables and racks, chrome fixtures and accessories.

pop art

If the wallpaper depicts a star of stage and cinema, glamor girl, the characters of famous films, you can create an interior room with photo wallpapers (photos you see in this article) in the style of pop art.In this room a good party for the young and modern guests.

Other styles

If you prefer Italian, French or Mediterranean style in the living room, it is best suited to you wallpapers imitating wall painting.As a rule, they depicted a magnificent view from the window, or exit to the veranda.Such options suitable for the living room in a classic style.In addition to classics appropriate wallpapers, which are reproductions of famous paintings.These samples will fill the interior of the luxury and the spirit of antiquity.

Mural in the interior of the living room in a country style depict fields, horses, pastoral images.They are used to give the interior a rustic motifs.Quite often they are used in country houses.

very popular now floral wallpapers.Roses in the interior suitable for any style - classical and modern living room in a minimalist style.

We make bedroom

Each house Bedroom - a special room in which you can completely relax, forget all the cares of the day and have a rest before the next working day.To do this, you need to create in the room at the hotel.To do this is not difficult.The most important thing - this is very much to be.

help you achieve this goal, modern wallpapers.This material is forgotten again returned to our homes.The interiors of the bedrooms with photo wallpapers - this is not just a fashionable trend.This is a unique opportunity to make a holiday complete.Perhaps you have noticed that in a cozy and comfortable bedroom to sleep easier.

Select the appropriate option

If you are a supporter of the classical style, and your bedroom is furnished with quality furniture made of wood, it is not necessary to purchase wallpaper green color.Mixing styles and colors do not give a comfort bedroom.

If you like all expressive, bright, then you are more suitable wallpaper with original and unusual images of juicy colors.The interiors of the bedrooms with a wallpaper for romantic natures should be filled with colors, patterns night city landscapes.

If you suffer from insomnia, you feel tired all the time, try to use wallpaper in soft colors with elements of green.Perhaps it will be the leaves on a warm background or the huge tree.We assure you that in the bedroom so you will fall asleep quickly and sleep well.

Pros and cons of such a design

Interiors bedrooms with photo wallpapers have their supporters and opponents.The former believe that the decoration material enlivens the room, tuned to a certain wave.In addition, Desktop visually expand the space, so they are especially important in a small bedroom.

Opponents of the decision believe that such decoration bedroom quickly bored owners.To avoid this, it is necessary to carefully consider the interior.

Mural in kitchen interior

For such complex areas (humidity, temperature) the use photowall - a bold decision.It can dramatically change the interior.Basically wallpapers are made on the basis of paper, but you can pick up patterns on a paper basis.They have several advantages over paper - ideally lie on the wall, almost no adhesive swell of constituent elements easily fit together.Naturally, they are slightly more expensive paper samples, but a spectacular accent can afford such high-quality and reliable material.If you are unable to choose the desired story to the non-woven backing, it can be bought on thick paper, but always with an additional water-repellent coating.

Some selection rules

Having decided on the purchase of photo wallpapers, you must observe a number of rules, the result of repair you did not disappoint.Small kitchen, one wall of which is papered completely photo wallpapers not expand the space, and will lead to the opposite effect.In this case, it is more expedient to use fotookna on the walls or small panels.But if you really want to see in their tiny kitchen Mural on the wall, select the image where at least a third of the space occupied by air or water.

image juicy lemon slices falling into the water, from which fly thousands of sparkling spray, would be much more appropriate in the kitchen, rather than Mural depicting the shady park.

Color solution

before buying wallpaper is desirable to determine in advance what you want in your kitchen, you need some color.Will it be a black and white image of the night in New York or a romantic Paris.It is possible, you are more interested in orange and orange collage.

If your kitchen is decorated in monochrome or black and white, you can afford a bright accents.It could be flowers or berries, sumptuous still lifes.It would be appropriate to use abstract images.

In case kitchen interior made in bright colors for a Mural will be slightly higher.It is best to fit the interior of this black-and-white photos or pictures in the technique sepia.Cold colors (blue, green, violet) make a small kitchen roomier and more, especially in rooms with windows facing south.For example, lilac flower, swinging on a background of blue sky, or the endless lake with delicate lotus.

Mural in the interior of the kitchen are a unique opportunity to make unremarkable main living room and a cozy original area.


This room is the whole world for the little man.Here he is growing and developing, there formed his interests and passions.That is why it is necessary to make out the room, taking into account the interests of the child, and then to think about fashion trends.

is believed that the child's room at the age of one to three years it is not necessary to paste over bright wallpaper, it is better to use more quiet and soft colors.Other experts believe that it is appropriate to make a wall of intense and bright, so it will enliven the room.With this task brilliantly manage wallpapers.Placing them better in the play area.

Children under the age of seven can already choose wallpaper for her room.During this period, they are very fond of pictures of animals.So, be like cute kittens and puppies, graceful horses, luxury and proud tigers and lions.The main thing is that the image of the animals were not angry and aggressive.

Children's Mural in the interior can be very diverse.Girls prefer to see in my room delicate flowers.The boys prefer images of heroes favorite cartoon, pirates, ships and automobiles.

no less ingenious solution - Desktop coloring.They are able to develop the child's ability to be creative.Making room for the baby, remember the sense of proportion.It is not necessary photo wallpapers paste all the walls from floor to ceiling.A single wall or panel.Consider the nature of your child's choice of songs.For hyperactive kid absolutely contraindicated wallpaper aggressive plots.

Black and white wallpapers

This option is ideal for stylish people.For the production of wallpaper used in black and white, and sometimes color photos that are specifically discolored for a stronger effect.It should be noted that the black-and-white photos usually look sharp and contrasty.Choosing such wallpaper, do not forget that the vertical patterns visually expand the space.For this reason, they look perfectly in small rooms with low ceilings.