Classicism in the interior.

Quite a few wealthy citizens, viewing a variety of styles in the interior of the apartment, trying to express their wishes, dreams and outlook.And the increasing popularity begins to take the design that contains the elements of a classic pattern.However, in order to create the atmosphere of classicism in his favorite home, you need to know some of the nuances that are important to consider when repairing and furniture selection.So, how to implement the classicism in the interior?It's easy enough to do, guided by some basic aspects that play an important role in such a style decision.

What could be the classic styles of interior design?

photo, which can always be found, able to fully demonstrate to people what it looks like classicism in general.However it is necessary to consider the popular varieties of this orientation, which can be safely used in the design of their own homes.

classical direction in different countries has its own unique features.And it should be considered if there is a desir

e to create a unique design of its housing.For example, the French classical style involves the use of a large number of decorative elements, gilded accessories, jewelry correct forms.For the English original orientation characteristic dryness.It lacks any obstructions.But it is characteristic of the English classical paintings created on the ceiling.Russian classicism in the interior implies the use of only natural materials such as stone, wood, silk and so on. D. Also, for the creation of such a directional characteristic ceiling moldings and sculptures.In addition, we must not forget that for a Russian orientation characterized by the use of the pieces of furniture that have parts made of polished steel.

apartment in a classic style

One of the clear advantages that the classical style in the interior, is the fact that this style is suitable for completely different buildings: office, hotel, home, and, of course, apartments.But in order to harmoniously combine the classical elements of the interior with modern technology, and make up all the domestic needs of the modern man, you need to thoroughly investigate the matter.For example, should know that better combines classic appliances strict forms and simple colors - black or white.

Speaking of curtains, they should be light, Tulle is better to choose transparent.Particular attention should be paid to the selection of lamps and chandeliers, as quite a few lighting focused on modern design, not the style of classicism.The interior would be appropriate chandeliers of glass and crystal, as well as lampshades and diffusers, which use natural fabric discreet colors.

In general, the attributes of classical style can be attributed to the furniture, which is used for the manufacture of expensive types of wood and coated with genuine leather, brocade or velvet.The atmosphere will help to create a classic stucco, paintings and expensive parquet.

decorated living

To sustain classicism in the interior of the living room, it is necessary to arrange the proper furniture.To do this, fit a variety of antique sofas, chairs, wardrobes and tables.Parquet in the guest room is better to choose a classic pattern.As for color, which will be relevant for the walls, it is appropriate to such warm colors like pink, yellow, brown and peach.Very good on the walls would look painted corresponding to the general style of wallpaper or fabric.

If the living room is present a lot of furniture, it is best to make the wall self-colored or with fine pattern, which is not evident.In the case where the furniture in the living room is small and the room itself is large, appropriate to a major figure on the walls, but without striking elements.

make out the ceiling in the living room

To ceiling perfectly combined with the other elements of the interior, it has to be done in white with rosettes, moldings or molding.As the main source of lighting in the living room is better to use a chandelier at the center of the ceiling.And for a large room suitable, respectively, a large chandelier.Pretty good solution is lighting with shades, made in the form of candles.This option can be used as a primary light, and in the form of additional, which is mounted on the walls.

use of accessories

classicism in the interior will help to emphasize the family photos in beautiful wooden frames.They can be hung on the wall and put it on a table or cabinet.
And of course, do not forget about the fireplace, which is one of the basic elements of classical interiors.By the way, to begin to think it is better to design a living room with a fireplace and a focus on the selection of other components.

Registration bedroom

course, classicism in the interior design emphasizes the bedroom on the bed, which plays a major role.Therefore, it should be large, have high beautiful carved headboard and legs.Also, do not be superfluous different tape, extra pillows and even a canopy.Bedroom - it's such a room in which a lot of furniture should not be, but in order to create a full image of the classical interior, it is necessary to put the tables on the sides of the beds, ottomans and various small dressing table.

Pick up the furniture in the bedroom should be so easy to read in the room one style.Therefore, current versions are made of high quality wood with elements carving, gilding and other types of finishes.Upholstery can be used as leather and materials on which the present embroidery and beads.The bedroom is also very appropriate use of heavy curtains, which can well protect travelers from sunlight.As for the tulle, it is desirable that it was combined with the color and texture of the bed.

In what color scheme you can draw walls?

The colors of the walls in the bedroom should not be so low-key, as in the other rooms, so you can safely use the blue, olive, beige and pale green.Speaking of light, it is worth noting that in the bedroom to hang a chandelier in the center is not necessary.The shade of this room will give a classic graceful lights, which must be placed evenly around the perimeter of the walls and add to the picture desk lamp next to the bed.

choosing a bra should pay attention to French classicism.In other words, it is necessary to select a model that consists of glass and crystal, and preferably on a metal base with a coating made under the gilding.

Cabinet, decorated in a classic style

Cabinet - is that part of the apartment, which by its very presence is beginning to create the atmosphere of the classics, but to classicism in the interior was full, you must correctly choose the furniture and decoration materials.You should start from the table, which is clearly an important element of the interior cabinet.The table must be made of natural solid wood, have a large countertop and two thumbs up.Also, do not be superfluous use of leather and thread.

chair on which to sit the landlord must comply with the table: to be big, comfortable, with leather trim on a wooden base.

Also in the office is to put a sofa that blends with the style of the chair, and several different cabinets.Case closed type fitting is used to store the necessary papers and the bar, but the outdoor furniture is needed in order to fill its shelves of books by famous authors, volumes with a beautiful binding, encyclopedias and other literature, which emphasize the classical image of the office.The walls and large open areas of the room it is desirable to perform in brown and beige colors, and you can pick up details of green, burgundy or dark blue.

as a source of lighting is better to use a table lamp with glass shade and sconces on the walls.It is worth noting that the design of furniture for the office should be somewhat stricter than the other rooms.

Classical elements in the kitchen

the classical style in the interior of the kitchen is becoming more popular, and the reason is not only the beauty but also practical value for women who spend many hours in the kitchen.Classical kitchen contains many useful items, shelves and cabinets, as well as a convenient work surface and large enough space for a dining area.

Like the other rooms, the kitchen should be done in calm and soothing tones, although the colors may be used are quite different.As for the furniture, the only options will suit made from natural materials such as wood expensive breeds, skin and others. For the floor you can use the parquet flooring or ceramic tile.The kitchen should contain a small percentage of the fabric.It is advisable to put on open shelves beautiful dishes to complement the classicism in the interior.Photos, classical paintings and numerous other decorative elements will also serve as a great decoration.

create lighting in the classical kitchen

Lighting advised to work through the glass or crystal chandelier that is hanging in the middle of the room.To maximize consumer electronics fit into the style of the kitchen, it is best to build in furniture.This will help to create the most harmonious way of classic cuisine.

apartment with classic interior quality is always working on the image of the owner, as inevitably emphasizes its solidity and consistency.A variety of styles in the interior of the apartment can often be mixed with one another.And with the help of such a step, the owners are trying to recreate the unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort.But classicism is able to fulfill any fantasy without using elements characteristic of other areas.


variety of styles in the interior of the apartment (it can confirm the photo) can make a certain zest to the housing.Therefore it is necessary thoroughly to approach the design process.