Drawings on the walls in the apartment.

House every person - his castle.Of course, pritno finally get your own castle.For newcomers the most exciting experience - to decorate the house.Do not carry the piano and cabinets are not laid tile not paint the floor and do not even plastered walls, and put in order the dwelling and its nest.Create everything exactly the way you want to, not the owners of rented apartments.Not everyone has the money to chic trendy shelves, accessories, partitions ... But the power of any family to buy some bright pillows, beautiful vase on the table or on the floor, a coffee table, nice watches, soft mat, interesting lighting or a chandelier, a lotsmall trinkets or figurines, bright useful things ... Of course, not all together - because too much is also not bring a sense of comfort.But things picked up a little craft, or revive the situation, and the room will not seem gray.This can also be achieved, to choose the right curtains or light curtains, spread color accents or mural paintings and rugs.Incidentally, the wa

lls also play an important role.That it was not unbearable to sit in a room by a modest rainy evening, and the right approach to the choice of wallpaper.Remember the color therapy: blue - cool, green - cheerfulness, yellow - positive, red - excitement and so on.Just think about the associations with colors, then you figure out how to pick them up.But if the walls white or very modest, and the primary sense of cleanliness was gone, and you want something bright and new?Drawings on the walls in the interior play only in your favor.The mass of options.The modest scale and, on the wall;their creations or imitation Van Gogh;one or more patterns;paint in the bedroom or on all the walls - pictures on the walls in the apartment create a space for imagination.

just decoration?

It would seem that this is another fad: it can simply hang pictures, paintings ... But the pictures on the wall, which is really worth to hang, are incredibly expensive, and the replicated version obviously does not add originality and luxury housing.Photos on the wall is usually a little: this is only the most memorable and cherished pictures.And something bright oh so desirable!There is a solution - drawings on the walls.The apartment they, of course, does not take place, do not require special care ... It's not just eye-catcher, who want to relax.This is an indicator of how the landlord lives and, most importantly, what he lives, breathes and enjoys the inhabitants of this lair.This is his view of the world and its desires and dreams - all resulted in the drawings on the walls in the apartment.Another plus: using drawings can visually enlarge even the most modest living space.Osbenno if, for example, shows the city, and the prospect observed a hundred - then at least go on the streets!Light colors expand the space to breathe and live it was roomier and more fun.In addition, a beautiful pattern on the wall emphasize something in the apartment, on what you do want to pay attention and play with other accessories.

What materials

select the best option is vinyl.These wall stickers are washed, removed and attached to another place entirely painless.The polymer industry is booming, so the decor offers a huge selection for every taste and color.The most popular are cats, butterflies.Subject lanterns also quite common.Most often these labels black, so are suitable for white, yellow walls.Dandelions also decorate your living room.Everyone knows that the mirror resshiryayut room.So, stickers, pictures from the mirror surface will also have this effect.Basically, it is composed of the composition, but there are those that can be linked to.Butterflies or scattering of stars are very popular and relevant.Ideal to look like dark purple wallpaper.It is possible and to draw a picture or to trust the professionals.Drawings on the walls with paint suitable for any room.For this purpose, select the coloring wallpaper or painted walls at all.Here it is possible to give one's fancy: any style, genre, direction, size and theme.However, there are some nuances.For example, water colors are not very bright, more transparent, so use them for the delicate drawings.You plan to work with texture and vibrant oil painting?Then you know that smell they are not flowers, and in general is better to ventilate the room, and at night to go somewhere else.Good acrylics.Golden, silver, bronze - Use metal or heavy in the bohemian atmosphere with wooden furniture.Experiment with the effect of craquelure - possible cracks fit into your interior.

Subjects drawings

Good refresh the image of the room three-dimensional image, they will create the required volume or perspective.Image Source If you are single, but large, then give preference to color.They are advantageous to look at the walls in pastel colors.Abstract shows the kind of creative and imaginative.The owner of the premises - a person who likes to meditate or speculate and often surprising their friends with unusual solutions.Space print - for Luda is not of this world.It will give the room depth and will look good in the appropriate setting, perhaps, surrounded by books.Drawings on the walls in the apartment are also able to highlight, which you need this room.For example, if the room where you are in the music, the themes will be relevant.Just do not overdo it, otherwise the risk to get a room class for the younger group's music school.

drawings on the walls of children's rooms

In the nursery perfect pictures on the wall - flowers.Bright and exotic, they spur your child to explore the world.Animals also make a good small company researchers.Great pictures on the wall in the nursery - Disney princesses or superheroes, if the child is interested in them.Small images of planets, astronomers love or nebulae.The main thing - to make your eyes a rest and not strained, and the child was comfortable in his monastery.If the child is interested to know everything in a playful way, the nakleyti pictures of animals near the bookshelf, or the sports corner.Or you can make the sunrise in the jungle: orange circle - the sun, cover it with tall grass or trees.

print on the wall in the kitchen

The kitchen should want to create culinary masterpieces and create a literate environment in the family, but also to conduct intimate conversations and pleasant conversation.Coffee lover can draw or paste a cup of coffee, couple of them, and coffee beans.A sweet tooth may like the image of cakes and sweets.In the place where you hang the necessary tools, such as stick vinyl - this will keep the wall, and will look good.If the table is a wall and you want something beautiful in the kitchen, such as vases or other cute little things, then draw them on the wall above the table, as if they really are there.

Ideal for the bedroom to bedroom

best option is landscapes.Not wallpapers, namely drawings on the walls in the apartment.And if you live in a not too gentle, and you so want to heat, the picture a warm island, sea, beach.Try to picture does not look cheap, and select it magnificent beaches.Here, by the way, you can trust the professionals.Or vice versa: I want to cool on a hot day.Then give preference mountain scenery.By choosing a figure for the bedroom should be approached very seriously, because the room is necessary to rest the soul, body and eyes.Abstraction is best left for the bathroom or living room - because it has the ability to excite the nervous system.

figures as part of the composition

figures really can play with furniture.Take, for example from the kitchen.On the shelves is also possible to place cats or some other animal.Beat the ladder with stickers: lights or walking cats.Sports Area Children's Room - moving monkeys and desktop - wise owl.If it is a dressing table, it will look coquettish bottles of perfume.

draw or not to draw?

This question everyone is responsible himself.On the one hand, drawings enliven the atmosphere, and there are many options for application, methods of arrangement and materials.On the other, they also have disadvantages and can fade.And if you want a change of scenery, the picture and close the hole in the wall, they can change and override.Everyone has their own tastes and each equips your home so that it corresponds to the inner mood of the host.