Kitchen Scandinavian style .The kitchen in a Scandinavian style - photo .Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen

kitchen in Scandinavian design means its design in the tradition of Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Norway and Sweden - which combines perfectly with the furniture accessories store IKEA (Sweden).This style includes the features of the Swedish and European classical design.Kitchen set manufacturers from these countries inherent in cool colors and clean lines.But in our country, such an original style popular.

What suggests Scandinavian style?

example, Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen - it's comfort and practicality, freedom of movement and a large space due to the small number of furniture (which is ideal for low-income families).Visually increase even a little room thanks to the abundance of bright colors.It turns out that the Scandinavian style in the kitchen will not tolerate any rubbish, assuming a minimum number of cabinets, tables and chairs.

Many argue that the kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style will look very dull and uninviting.But this is not true, because

in the custom kitchen design these countries may (and in some cases must) be included bright curtains, napkins made of linen or cotton, as well as indoor plants that give the room cozy.And plants can be placed in hanging pots or stand on a shelf.

addition, kitchen in a Scandinavian style will be comfortable, if the floor is wooden in it.If you use linoleum, tile and laminate, it is better to choose those that mimic natural materials.Wooden chairs and browns will not let you feel cold in the icy Scandinavian colors.Light colors wonderfully set off is not an ordinary black countertop or wall panel.The decor of the facades of Scandinavian cuisine is widely used frosted glass.

Rational use of space

As noted above, a kitchen in a Scandinavian-style photos which can be viewed below, rejects clutter.And that's fine, because the kitchen space can be used to maximum advantage.A distinctive feature of this cuisine is the absence of the upper cabinets - they are replaced with elegant open shelves, which will create an additional sense of spaciousness.

course, the design of the kitchen in a Scandinavian style allows for the presence of the closed wall cabinets, but they should not be very much, and all of them must necessarily be light in color.Thus, it is the lower part of the space Scandinavian food manufacturers have placed all of the functionality needed for modern hostess kitchen hassle.

All this can be easily achieved if the purchase spacious closets, which must be filled with all kinds of baskets, shelves, containers and boxes with pull-out system.Of course, no modern kitchen is complete without household appliances, which is usually built into cabinets.

What materials are used?

modern kitchen in a Scandinavian style involves laconic forms facades, no threading and any other elements of ornate and very straight lines.Facades on Scandinavian cuisine made from painted chipboard or MDF, natural materials (usually birch or pine), with aluminum profile, veneered.

surface facades from an array of dishes can be coated with a glossy or matte varnish transparent and translucent or opaque enamel light color.The design of the facade of the Scandinavian cuisine provides basically continuous surface.However, you can and a small amount of doors with frosted glass.

talk about color

color scheme of the kitchen in this style as follows: calm shades of blue, light brown, pale gray, camel, beige and white.It has also become fashionable to use in the interior of this style cuisine washes of color.

Few designers know that the palette of Scandinavian interior is divided into so-called Gustavian and more modern.The main difference is only in the saturated colors that are used.In the modern palette is dominated by clean and rich shades.A Gustavian colors - pastel, muted, slightly diluted and "dusty".

wall panels for the work area is usually carried out in the light or white.For the kitchen at the cottage or country house will be particularly relevant apron brick brown or white, or an imitation of a special tiles.In addition, for cladding apply glass, mosaic, wood panels, glass.

What about accessories?

deserves a separate description of accessories for kitchen furniture in Scandinavian style.Typically, a front-profile knobs for kitchen furniture, which at first sight are not visible due to the design features and Handles and knobs, railings, which perfectly emphasize candor lines facade - as you can see, hardware is also subject to the principle of minimalism.

in Scandinavian cuisine plays an important role local illumination of shelves and cabinets.In our time in major DIY stores, you can choose any lights for drawers, lamps, railings, light fixtures with automatic under the sink, and so on. D. Since the top of the kitchen units is often limited to the shelves, and in this case it is possible to install special lights.

oven in the kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Scandinavian style photos which affects its simplicity and elegance, requires a furnace or imitation, which is lined with blue and white patterned tiles.The same tile craftsmen often spread and kitchen apron.Agree that this method will look optimal in the interior of a country house.

Kitchen Scandinavian style characterized by original accessories.This is usually the bottle and candle holders made of colored glass, copper kettles and pots, ceramic blue and white, wicker baskets and kerosene lamps.Scandinavian cuisine - the choice of strong and courageous!