Quartz stone in the interior

amazing that in just a decade and a half artificial stone found this unprecedented popularity among the finishing materials.He thus owes its unique properties.

So, artificial stone valued for its beauty, it can compete with the beauty of natural stone, of special strength and high maintainability "in the event of fire," for resistance to the effects of a number of aggressive factors and unparalleled hygiene.All this makes the artificial stone indispensable material for internal and external decoration of private homes and public institutions.The most popular products for the kitchen and a bathroom.

We are accustomed to hearing the phrase "Acrylic Stone" (among professionals "acrylic agglomerate"), but no less useful in everyday life quartz stone (quartz agglomerates).

quartzite The interior is not inferior to acrylic stone.However, quartz is the best option when it comes to classical interiors as acrylic stone looks more artificial.Quartzite is widely used in the production of bar counters, coun

tertops, plumbing for kitchens and bathrooms, window sills.In addition, the quartzite is the perfect flooring.

Area of ​​its application in the interior is quite wide.Quartz stone is perfect as a material for kitchen sink.In contrast to the aging of the metal washer has on quartz invisible dried water droplets and the jet of the tap does not generate unpleasant noise.You can create a whole, combining the sink and countertop.In addition to the stylish appearance, this ensemble will have excellent quality characteristics and transform the kitchen chores a pleasure.

quartz stone is often used for the manufacture of window sills.By setting such a product at home, you will be surprised of its strength, durability, and always fresh appearance.

separate theme - lining the walls and laying the floor using a quartz stone.This design always looks attractive and elegant.Due to the wide palette of colors, you can choose any combination of figures and for the realization of designer fantasies.

Equally popular fireplaces, lined with quartz stone.The only limitation is the zone of direct contact with fire, otherwise you can create fireplaces of any complexity and shapes.

There are many colors of quartz stone, which is achieved by the addition of special pigments.Therefore, select the appropriate option for the interior concrete is not difficult.Thus quartzite 93% natural quartz, the remaining 7% of a synthetic resin which is used for bonding silica particles and attached stone high strength.

Quartzite consists mainly of natural ingredients, which gives it almost exact resemblance to natural stone.At the same quartz stone is much cheaper and more practical nature.This is the best option for those who want to give your interior solidity without imposing the costs and negative consequences.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the quartz stone can be a highlight and interior decoration like your apartment - whether it's the living room or bathroom, or loggia - and your holiday home, saunas, gazebos, or an entire barbecue area - while being durable andeco-friendly material.It is the most suitable option for those who are looking for new solutions in the field of interior decoration.