Kitchen in the Art Deco style - unusual, stylish, impressive

This sophisticated style will allow you to make your kitchen unique and vibrant.

Origin style

This momentous event occurred in the twenties.The name was due to the style of the Paris exhibition "Decorative Arts".Very quickly it became a very popular trend in furniture design, architecture, and so on. D. It was only forty years later, this style was used in the creation of residential interiors.

Art Deco - a successful combination of the traditional neo-classical and Art Nouveau.It combines the best elements of these styles and dilute their own, more modern touch.

Characteristic features

This is probably one of the most expensive and luxurious style.It is characterized by sleek, flowing lines, unusual patterns, ethnic motifs and contrasting combination of modern appliances and antique decor.Kitchen in the style of Art Deco involve the use of materials such as inlaid and lacquered wood, stone, metal, ceramic glazed tiles.Perhaps the inclusion of bronze, silver, ivory, marble.

abundance of mirrors must necessarily be present in the interior.This element of the decor give the kitchen a very modern and stylish look.However, the working premises of the mirrors is not necessary to register, as in the kitchen, they quickly become dirty and lose their original luster.And here in the dining area the use of such elements would be very appropriate - not only do they decorate it, but also visually expand the space.

Ā«Solar cellsĀ»

This is one of the most unusual pieces of art deco style.These rays can decorate walls, textiles and other interior elements.We make


you need to know if you have chosen a sophisticated kitchen design: Art Deco involves complex multi-stage design.As a rule, they have built-in lighting and glossy finish.

What should be wall to wall

perfectly suited Mural with three-dimensional images of city skyscrapers, landscapes.It is appropriate to be and abstraction with patterns, geometric shapes.For a beautiful parquet floor suit with an ornament.You can replace it with laminate.

Kitchen Lighting in Art Deco style - a space that is literally flooded with light.For this purpose, luxurious crystal chandeliers or wrought iron, which is usually located in the center of the room.In addition, the room is equipped with wall lamps and floor lamps.


In such areas, in the style of Art Deco, use contrasting combinations.Especially popular combination of white and black.If you find this too bold, you can pick up a duo of white and chocolate, brown and beige and silvery gray and black.Bright shades for the kitchen in the style of Art Deco are permitted only in very limited quantities.Commonly used a muted red, gold, blue, or green.

look spectacular cuisine, in which the emphasis is selected as gold or silver, complete with shades that blend well with him.

Kitchen Furniture art deco picture you see in this article shall be furnished with high-quality and expensive furniture.It is usually made from ash, maple or rosewood.In addition, for such food is fine restored antique furniture that add a unique charm to the room and atmosphere of the past.

Very often decorated with inlaid pieces of furniture, carvings, wrought-iron details.Countertops and sinks are made from natural stone and decorated with metal.Kitchen sets, which are located in the working area, usually a strict form, and in the place of the meal is furnished with soft and rounded lines.Kitchen in the style of Art Deco can look classically elegant or ethnic expressive.It all depends on your preference.