Corridor in classic style.

Appearing at the Italian Renaissance and the fully developed in the Victorian era, classic style now firmly entrenched in our lives.

Choose classics

dwell on it a choice, do not forget that this is a brilliant grand style with straight clean lines, geometric shapes to the draft - from design to the selection of furniture niches.This style is most suited to the hallway right shape without chamfered corners and curves.Interior hallway in a classic style in a small "Khrushchev" will require substantial redevelopment, to maximize and efficiently use available space.It is desirable in such a compact room stay at the less-refined style.

To fit this style?

He is best suited to those who appreciate luxurious comfort, solidity and exquisite taste.Such people do not follow fashion trends, do not like frequent changes in the interior and replanning.Classic style involves the use of bronze or brass combined with white.For those who does not like white color, it can be replaced by lighter shades of yellow,

green, beige, which also look good with gold.

Interior features

Corridor in classic style distinguished by the presence of large mirrors, screens and a variety of niches along the perimeter they are usually lined with moldings that are particularly impressive look in the spacious rooms.These details create the desired design of the hall.Classics - it curbs and stucco rosettes, silk screens, massive wooden frames for mirrors, engraving, carving, on the floor of expensive flooring or stoneware or marble tiles (it is more functional).


For it is better to use chandeliers or lamps with imitation candles.Chandeliers typically conical shape.They are decorated with a variety of crystal pendants.Often used with chandeliers and floral motifs.But in fairness it should be noted that in the modern classic style will fit conventional spotlights.


If your hallway is not is large, the furniture in it should be as small as possible - on the wall of the classic coat rack, narrow small chest of drawers for gloves and other details, which also may play a role table.More spacious lobby in the classical style can be equipped with built-in wardrobe, which is better to issue a plaster decoration, or as a large screen so that it fit into the overall style of the room.

The main advantage of the classical style is that it does not go out of style, quality and the use of expensive finishing materials allows for many years not to change the interior.The same can be said about the furniture for the hall in classic style - it will not have to throw in a decade, it is like a good wine, with age becomes only more expensive.

Corridor in classic style are unthinkable without upholstered furniture from natural wood, curved legs, with gorgeous furniture upholstery satin, velvet or silk.It can be an armchair, a sofa or ottoman - it all depends on the size of the room.

room, decorated in classic style, speaks impeccable taste owner and his high social status.A significant, although the only drawback of this style can be considered only what he naturally looks only in the spacious and high entrance hall.


Entrance in classic style is scope for the imagination of the designer.It is possible to apply a variety of finishing materials.Today, the walls of a hallway often trim decorative plaster (for example, you can use the "Venetian").You can use natural stone or tiles from it.

In recent years, parts of the walls in the hall in classic style fabric wallpaper paste over with heraldic pattern or small, understated designs.Some areas of the classical style in the design allow the use of painting the walls.

Quite often in the classical interiors use forged elements.For example, the exquisite contours of the railing of the stairs leading to the second floor, are both framing the entrance to the living room.

Decorative details

Corridor in classic style, can be supplemented with a variety of decorative details - floor vases, figurines, fireplace for hours.If you have windows in them, they should be made heavy with rich fabrics.

small hallway

As already mentioned, to create a classic interior in a small room is more complicated than in a large, to the same and it will look different.However, quite often the owners of small apartments is dreaming of a classic hall.What to do in this case?

main task - do not miss any centimeter of available space, to make it all a little space to work on the property owners.For example, if your hallway there is a niche, it is a sin not to use it to create a built-in wardrobe, which will set up offices for clothing and footwear.If there is a niche, it makes sense to produce the desired length and depth of the cabinet and place it along the blank wall.Whatever may be the compact space of your hallway, there should be an open shelf - hanger -'re not going to hang you wet after rain clothes in the closet.

If you have nowhere to remove seasonal items, use plastic containers and store them on the mezzanine.If you do not find a place to store a variety of accessories, use the reverse side of the mirror cabinet, placed there a small frame with shelves and drawers.

classic style is considered to be universal, but not because it can be used everywhere.In this case, we are talking about that classic never gets old, the vagaries of fashion it does not relate.This is its distinct advantage over cutting edge styles.

Corridor in classic style - not cheap, but it can be considered a targeted investment in the future.