Children for two boys.

decorated apartments - always an exciting affair and subtle.It is necessary to take into account the purpose of a particular room, follow the chosen style.This is especially important if you think through the interior of the children's two boys, because your tomboy here to be cozy and comfortable.In the selection of objects and furniture to keep in mind their interests and preferences.It is necessary to get acquainted with the process in more detail.

What should be the interior of a child's room

kids, even the same sex, has always dreamed of his own room.But if this is not possible, it is always possible to organize the situation of their children's total, in which each will have their living space.Typically, in these cases it is necessary to observe the principle of multifunctionality.After all, here are the children of both of your sleep, relax, do their homework and play.To equip a room easier if children for two boys or twins same age.It is more difficult if your offspring is a significant dif

ference in age.In any case, the design of the room is necessary to take into account their interests, which may be very different.

Skins child

younger generation to feel comfortable in your own room, should take into account their interests and preferences.For example, for preschool children and younger teenagers will suit the style of the sea pirate with elements: pictures from the old frigate, an aquarium, a steering wheel.You can dream up on Wild West, space, auto racing and other things that may be interested in boys.Room supplement items such as model ships or trucks, bright posters, pillows with the appropriate figure, figures.Agree, ideas for baby boys for two offer room for imagination.The floors have to warm rug.Moreover, in the shops you can pick up the necessary cover with a picture that is sure to please your children.If the boys have different tastes, you can take them into account in the design of the room.For example, in different ways to decorate its walls.For a child who is interested in sports, provide the appropriate symbols, balls, flags, drawings.Also it is necessary to pay attention to detail, if your son is studying music or other hobbies.

Furniture for children

course, children's furniture for the two boys should correspond to their age and be made of natural materials.Use of linden wood, beech and other species.Also of furniture (wardrobes, beds, shelves), expanded by comfortable sofas, ottomans.The number of items will depend on the area of ​​the room.Every child should have a table for sessions, its bed, a chair and a place to play.If the area does not allow the child, then fit the model transformers.For example, a two-story loft beds.With the two sides can complement their mounted lockers or books.Such furniture is multi-functional and saves room area.If the children are afraid of heights, you can buy a bed in which one bed slides out from under the other.


Colours walls and a palette of design - the first thing that would require children to the two boys, as this depends entirely on the atmosphere of the room.Getting repairs, parents can visit the specialty shops, which face a variety of building materials.In order not to get lost, it is better to think through everything in advance and stick to the chosen style of the room.Of course, one can not ignore the wishes of children, even if they seem to you not very successful.For example, you can paint the walls in bright colors.But it must comply with the measure.The room should be bright, friendly.Therefore it is better to avoid dark colors.They have a depressing effect on the psyche.Therefore, for children two boys should include two or three colors.For example, the red, which represents energy blue - calming, and yellow - helps intellectual development.Moreover, they can be used not only in pure form but also in a variety of shades.The walls do not necessarily self-colored.Very original will look like a geometric pattern, a combination of different shades.The design can be used with cars wallpapers, sea, animals.For the walls is better to use water-based paints.They contain silver ions and so are protected from bacteria.

areas for employment and recreation

advisable to divide the room into several zones by function.It is especially important to do this if the design for the two infant boys should reflect their different tastes, interests and age difference.In addition, it would be to distinguish between destinations to house the bed, to work (computer desk, behind which children will do homework), as well as a sports area (rope, ladder, horizontal bar).To select a particular area of ​​the room, you can use pieces of furniture, decorative partitions, floor coverings.Even the ceiling will be borne by their meaning.Since modern technology offers many options for creating interior for children two boys may have a ceiling made of gypsum board, as well as hinged, multi-level.The latter option provides more options for decorating the room.For example, it can simulate a starry sky or a light morning clouds.Looking after challenging tensile structures, it is necessary to take into account the height of the walls and ceiling.The room for the children to be more room.The floors in the children can be covered with linoleum, parquet, laminate.

few tips

finally started repairing room for children, it is necessary to carefully select materials.Their main criteria - quality, environmental friendliness and harmlessness.An important element - lighting.Chandelier should not be too artsy.Just choose a simple and concise version of the world.Complement the room lamp, the lamp on the desktop.Choosing furniture for small children, it is better to give preference to models that have no sharp edges and are easy.Items must be covered with hypoallergenic paints.Sliding Doors advisable to install.This option allows you to save room area.