Washing machine: error codes ("Samsung").

In XXI century, and every day there are new models of home appliances to facilitate the life of modern man.Today, units are available with large and small electronic displays, which reflect operating parameters and probable failure.However, no matter how high-quality and modern machinery was neither, it has one negative feature - break.Do not avoid this fate and washing machine.Error Codes "Samsung" is displayed on the monitors at the household appliances of this brand, very concerned with its mystery.Whether the user to quickly find, if he can solve the problem yourself, or have to spend on a call the repairman?

broken washing machine.Error Codes "Samsung"

Almost every modern washing machine is equipped with auto-diagnostic system.This means, the machine itself determines where and what she "hurts" and notify the owner.

If there was a failure in a given mode of washing, or was found some fault, the display machine-gun should always be highlighted error code.Before calling for service, try to s

olve the problem yourself.To do this, use the instruction manual, which usually have the decryption code and Troubleshooting.In most cases, all that is shown on the display machine, it is not talking about damage and abuse domestic appliance.Let's look at the most common codes and possible solutions.

Error "DE"

"DE" or in some models "DOOR" - the most common and most rapidly recoverable error.So what should you do if the washing machine "Samsung" an error "DE".This code is displayed in the case, if you open or close enough shutter charging port.Usually, I fix this easier - you need to open and re-close the door is very tight hatch.If such a manipulation of the result is not given, you should check the integrity of the hook on the door - it may have been bent or somehow damaged.All right?The next point of inspection should be the electronic controller.Independently you fix it is unlikely, therefore, have to call a specialist.

Oh, and if the error is "DE" was highlighted in the process of washing or boiling at its end - do not panic, it may be a reaction to the car at a pressure drop that occurs due to temperature differences.Just wait a little, the water cools down, and the error is likely to disappear by itself.

Error "LE"

If the water level in the system spontaneously fell at least four times, the degree of damage will depend on the speed with which the washing machine will react "Samsung".Error "LE" just for this purpose and programmed.This code (in other models, "E9") stops the machine, so that the heating element is turned on and not burned without water.In such cases, disconnect the drainage hose from the sewage pipes and fix it, for example, on the toilet.Continue to monitor the operation of the machine - If the error will not be repeated, then you need to check the correct connection of the hose may be lengthened or its lift.If the problem persists - call the wizard, or run the risk of burning heater.

Error "UE"

consider another failure, in which fails the washing machine "Samsung".Error "UE" - means a failure in drying mode is, of course, if there is one.Sometimes this failure is encoded the letters "IT".Ways to resolve this problem are described in the instruction manual, but is likely to have to apply to the service.Of course, this mode is not every washing machine "Samsung".Error "UE" for most models of washing machines that do not involve the drying of laundry, may mean the same thing as the code "E4."

Problems "3E" and "E3"

Error "3E" says that there is a break tachosensor or shorted motor winding.This can be even close to the numbers - they clarify what happened:

  • 3E1 - perhaps you've downloaded a lot of laundry, and the engine can not handle the weight of the drum.It is also possible damage to the contacts of the motor or the failure of the tacho.
  • 3E2 - intermittent beep means that depart contacts tacho.
  • 3E3 - most likely a problem with the tachosensor.
  • 3E4 - very similar to the 3E3, clarity can only make a specialist.

But error "E3" (sometimes "OE" or "OF") means that there was a "spillover" of water.Most likely you have broken the level sensor, or littering tube pressure switch.If you do not know where it is - call the repairman.

Errors "4E" and "E4"

one of the codes, which shows the washing machine "Samsung" - error "4E".This code indicates a fault which occurred while the supply of water.Most likely, this is due to lack of system pressure or suction damage, which has a washing machine "Samsung".Error "4E" in some of the models may be displayed as "E1" and it is eliminated in the same manner.You should check the condition of the suction tube of water - perhaps it is bent or somehow peredavlivaetsya that prevents good water pressure.You also need to see if there are mixed hoses of water - hot and cold.If everything is in order, check the pressure in any tap in the apartment - probably fell in the central pressure of the water supply.

And then everything is OK?Then just blame water filter, which is installed at the entrance to the system - it is clogged and must be cleaned, and it is best to replace it.Another reason for which you may receive the error "4E" - this is the wrong temperature range of, for example, if a delicate wash was installed t˚C more than 50˚C.But

error "E4" is quite different - it's the wrong distribution of the laundry in the drum.Probably, you have downloaded too many, or, conversely, too few things.To remedy the situation, you have to redistribute the laundry by hand.If the car door will not open, try turning off the machine from the power for 5-10 minutes.It does not help - follow the emergency draining.

"5E" and "E5"

Another fairly popular question, "washing machine" Samsung "error 5E."In other models, this code can be encrypted as the E2, which means that a fault has arisen in the draining water.The reason for this may be several factors:

  • broken sensor that detects the water level;
  • damaged pump, more precisely, its impeller;
  • damaged electronic controller;
  • drain channel clogged with foreign objects - matches, paper clips, coins, lighters, nuts, screws and other trifles.

Since housewives often forget to carefully check the pockets of clothing before loading the machine, the code - the most common mistake that provides washing machine "Samsung".Error "5E" is corrected very simple - it is first necessary to remove from the drain path all foreign objects and clean the drain filter.How to do it, it is written in the instruction manual.If the troubleshooting section, you will not find such an encoding, then see which model your washing machine "Samsung".Error "SE" in some versions means the same thing as the "5E".

If the display engine light code E5, then you have a problem with hot water.Error arises in cases when the heating element when the temperature in the tank varies too quickly - more than 40˚C / 5 min - or too slowly - less 2˚C / 10 min.The same mean error "E6" and "HE1".Most likely, you will have to replace the heater or clean it from deposits.

"5D", "Sud" or "SD"

Consider another mistake that careless hostess, and that responds quickly to the washing machine "Samsung".Error "5D" - the presence of reinforced foam.This error occurs when the unfortunate hostess used for machine automatic powder suitable only for hand washing, or simply violate the dosage.To correct this error, you do not need to master, however, have to be patient.As long as the foam settles, the machine will not continue to work, so this process can take a long time.We'll have to wait, and at the same time to re-read the instructions - how much and what the powder can be used for washing.

Different error

There are many different errors that encodes a washing machine.Error Codes "Samsung" is often described in detail in the manual, but there are some pretty rare.For example, if you have problems with remote control, then most likely, you will see the code "BE" or "AE."This means that there was overheating of the control buttons or display of a short circuit.Or simply rickety mount relays.

Error "1E" indicates that the monitoring sensor can not detect the water level or it is insufficient.The causes of this error may be different:

  • bent or clogged water hose;
  • low pressure in the plumbing;
  • damaged valves, water permeable;
  • faulty sensor itself.

Error "8E" clearly indicates engine failure and "FE" means a problem with the fan.In general, without the participation of the expert here did not understand.

Samsung Diamond

Unfortunately, not all the washing machines boast comprehensive operating instructions.These concerns and the washing machine "Samsung Diamond".The errors that are described in the manual for this machine, it is unlikely to help you understand what happened.Additional information codes are listed just above "DE", "4E", "5E" and "UE", and the error "CE / 3E" recommends that you contact the service center.If you notice any other codes, as well as if you have failed in an attempt to remedy the situation on their own, too, will have to contact technical support.

Maybe you will approach any other instructions to the machine brand "Samsung" is unlikely error codes they are very different.For example, a flashing code "UC" in almost all models, indicating activation of the "Voltkontrol."This means that the network power surge occurred more than 20% in either direction.As soon as the power supply voltage returns to normal (deviation of no more than 15%), t. E. Will be at least 187V or will not exceed 265V, the implementation of the set washing program will continue automatically.If this problem occurs frequently, you have to get a voltage stabilizer.

And if nothing comes

Here you are a little bit and find out what to do if you do not want to work the washing machine.Error Codes "Samsung" too little understood.But what do you do if the required code, you have not found, or the above recommendations have not led to the desired result.The answer is simple and obvious: of course, you can use the "Call the neighbor", but still better to seek help in the nearest service center service the equipment brand "Samsung", especially if your washing machine is still under warranty.