Thermostat, has ceased to be a rarity

the conditions of our time Thermostat becomes indispensable when you want to automatically adjust the water temperature.With it will be able to save valuable time, ensuring a quick flow of water the right temperature.However, this device in our country many people still perceived as foreign exotics.Gradually, the number of fans is growing, since the adoption of comfortable water treatments largely depends on this device.Thus, faucets for the bathroom with a thermostat slowly beginning to gain popularity.In addition, for maximum comfort and safety guaranteed (virtually ruled out the likelihood of burns).

Any Thermostat is controlled by two knobs, one of which controls the temperature of the water, while the other adjusts the pressure.Unlike conventional counterparts is the presence of the thermostatic element.This design does not use any electronics.The thermostat carries out its activities on the basis of simple physical principles.Inside is a special substance to reduce or increase the amount (depend

ing on temperature).Such equipment, incidentally, will help to conserve natural resources.

Of course, the absence of electrical power from the thermostat can be attributed to the benefits, but such a design requires a quality installation.Mixing up the crane sites, then there will be some problems.Then Thermostat will not work correctly.By European standards it assumed eyeliner cold water on the right and hot - left.During Soviet times, it uses a reverse scheme which meets today (not just in old houses!).In this case, for the European model will have to change places liner that, in principle, it is quite feasible.

Most often Thermostat as fuser have sealed capsule containing the artificial wax.In response to temperature conditions, it adjusts the ratio of hot and cold water.Recently, widely spread from the thermocouple bimetallic spring.In this case, the temperature variation responsive two different metals.When heated, there is an expansion of the spring, and when cooling is carried out its compression.Due to this property, it is possible to obtain the desired proportions of cold and hot water.Sometimes the bimetal thermoelement protrude rings running approximately on the same principle as the spring of the two metals.

Thermostat can be embedded or external.The first type is the most interesting from an aesthetic point of view, because the plant can be made ready to box in a niche.Then you need only to sum all communications and close the cavity of the decorative panel.Itself embedded part of the same producer has a standard size and is equipped with decorative overlays.With regard to the external-type models, their design is very diverse, so easily get to choose the desired option.