Showers glass.

and spacious bathrooms, and those that do not differ in a large area will be beneficial to look showers of glass.They look very original, are highly practical and specific strength and impact resistance.Ability to create individual project that will most accurately meet all your requirements and conditions of the room, making the acquisition of showers glass attractive.

National showers of glass have a number of undeniable advantages which will be discussed further.

Firstly, the shower does not create the effect of clutter, because minimized the use of non-transparent elements.It gives the room a certain lightness and airiness, even without blocking the space, and it being a continuation and supplement.

Second, if the overall design out of order any item (pipe mount, glass fiber), there is no need to replace the entire shower.Suffice it to repair or replace the item, which was broken.

Shower glass.Its structure and elements

Glass shower is usually designed in such a way that between the ceili

ng and the structure there is a gap.This is necessary in order that the steam generated during water treatment, does not accumulate in the cockpit.

shower glass have a width of not less than 10 cm. They need to be hardened, which ensures the safety of swimmers.Such glasses are stable and reliable, can withstand significant mechanical loads.If they povrezhedennye you do not injure yourself because they do not crumble to pieces, and their edges are not sharp.

Showers glass may contain in their structure a special tray in which water drains.Currently, these models are already considered obsolete.More often mounted cab, in which the drain hole made in the floor.This option is more aesthetic.

important aspect is the partition design.They need to be determined on the basis of the number of where in the cabin will be installed.Corner presupposes the existence of a single door, and a septum.A more sophisticated option is considered to install the cab that will not adhere to the walls at all.Then you will need about 5 partitions.

reliable pillar of the shower provides a metal frame made of stainless steel.With the help of special glass fixings are securely fixed to the frame, after which they are able to withstand considerable pressure.

To revive the bathroom design, make the design more original and unusual, glass shower enclosure can be decorated with ornaments and a variety of images.It became a popular decorating its stained-glass windows.With their help, they acquire a kind of magic, charms with its mystery and beauty.No less important looks frosting.

Showers glass - a choice made in favor of modern design, convenience, practicality and reliability.