The decor and cuisine its characteristic features

Typically, kitchen decor consists not only of small parts and accessories.This concept covers the furniture and color of the walls, and the dishes, and even textiles.That is why, making out the premises, it is important to approach the issue with care, to see to it that all objects that are located in the kitchen match.To advance you need to build a floor plan, consider the repairs and choose the right furniture.And if this step is performed correctly, the result is a kitchen acquires an attractive appearance, which has a positive impact on all residents and guests of the house.

The first thing you need to consider the decor of the walls in the kitchen, because, based on their tone and texture will be selected furniture and textiles.This dimension depends on the parameter space.If the kitchen is small or its structure resembles a corridor, it is necessary to visually expand the space.For this purpose known techniques such as the installation of mirrors, painting the walls in bright colors, Mounting te

nsion polotka.Using these simple techniques, you can transform any room, make it more interesting and comfortable.It is worth noting that the texture of the walls is also responsible for the perception of space.Perfectly smooth surface will look bored in the kitchen of any size, so it is necessary to apply paint on a relief basis.In large rooms, you can draw on the wall of the large patterns, but if we are talking about a small kitchenette, you should stay at the ordinary-looking projections, which will take the form of branches or even small ornament.

developing decor for the kitchen, pay attention to the furniture.Its color should be in harmony with the tone of the walls, as well as lighting.If the kitchen most of the time is filled with daylight and after dark there are numerous lamps are lighted, it is appropriate to look even black furniture.But if the main task - to make the room more ergonomic, it is desirable to choose light colors for the furniture.By the way, on a similar background kitchen decor, which may consist of small accessories, it will look much more spectacular.

Design kitchen window (or windows) - a very important stage in the design of such facilities.In the small kitchen, as a rule, it does not pay enough attention is placed in the window opening the blinds only to them was the least possible hassle.However, if you arrange the window properly, kitchen decor will acquire an entirely different character, the room will be more interesting and attractive.

room with massive furniture and classic interior can decorate standard curtains.The main thing that these curtains do not end up in the cooking area.Well, if the kitchen is made in the country-style or Victorian, beautifully decorate the window curtains of natural linen, inlaid decorative ribbons and buttons.

additional kitchen decor can be created because of the unusual dishes, various statuettes and other accessories.An excellent choice for the design of such facilities are flowers in makeshift pots.