The color scheme of the kitchen - a successful start to the day, and a source of inspiration

room, where the mystery of cooking and baking, must be light, comfortable and adjust to positive emotions.It was here the morning we drink tea or coffee, lunch collect all together to output a meal and in the evening we arrange a romantic dinner.Therefore colors for the kitchen should be positive and give inexhaustible source of inspiration.Naturally, each family has a favorite color, but that does not mean that it is suitable for a given room.

Kitchen - a place where not only willing, but also due to lack of extra space for dining, even taking food.Therefore, the choice of color for the kitchen, the walls, ceiling and floor must be correct, and the selected tone should suit all households.

How to expand the space

no secret that some colors are "cool", and other "warm".The same can be said about the effect of increasing the space.There are shades that visually expand the room and create an airy and light atmosphere and naoborot.Naprimer lately become fashionable to use dark colors that can easily

reduce the room, and even to "absorb" part of the world.Because of this, the room will look bleak, but this applies only to small spaces.For example, purple colors cuisine.Photo taken in a room to be gloomy.And if you decide to sit here and have a cup of tea, you can after a while to note the change in favor of a depressive mood.

color scheme of the kitchen must take account of its size, the preferences of households, the amount of daylight and so on.For small rooms is better to use light colors by diluting them with bright and juicy splashes of accessories.The dark tone is better to use a minimum.

The same applies to the ceiling structures: the darker and multi-tiered ceiling, the smaller and darker room looks.

can note the use of dark tones in large rooms: here, they look more appropriate to slightly reducing the space, making it comfortable and homely.

Choose a color

color scheme of the kitchen should not be too bright or have a complicated geometric designs: it is more distracting than conducive to the creative process of preparation of culinary delights.For a room, where they often are prepared better to choose cool colors, they are a kind of "cooler."These tones can be easily supplemented with bright accessories, such as oven gloves and apron orange flowers on a window sill in pots of purple or green hues - it all depends on the preferences of the hostess.

for rustic better to use light pastel colors, it blends perfectly with stylish wooden furniture and earthenware or porcelain plates and cups.

Many designers insist on using natural and natural colors that relax.Bright same color, on the contrary, can cause irritability or rapid fatigue, while the light tone can always revive, only changing a few accessories, or purchasing new dishes.

If you prefer bright colors, use them only for one item, for example, food colors can be olive, and the furniture is made in purple color with elements of chrome plating.In this case, light walls favorably affect a person's mood, and a darker shade will boost performance.

As for light

in rooms with minimal natural light should be used not only warm and natural colors, but also to install more lighting.This may be cream and wood tones.

It is worth noting that some of the little lamp can distort or change the palette of the kitchen, so it is better not to experiment with unusual tones, most likely, they will fail and will look to spoil the whole interior.

Colours rooms with windows on the north should be bright and warm, but in rooms with windows to the south is not desirable to use very light or very dark colors.In the sun bright shades are "blind" eye, but after a while the dark burn out and lose their dignity.

Overall dictate someone conditions palette cuisine is meaningless because people necessarily do everything on his own.However, lead a reasonable arguments that are written in the article, it is still important: perhaps these facts will help to choose the right color in the room, which everyone loves.