Remaking the kitchen - a variety of solutions

Remaking the kitchen for each family is a very serious matter.It is no secret that the space serves multiple functions.It is used to prepare nutritious meals daily, as well as to create culinary festivities.Often this serves as a living room.Remaking the kitchen requires special attention.It is designed not just a room but a way of life of the family.

When refitting the kitchen facilities is necessary, first of all, take into account the space savings.In this area it would be desirable to place a large number of household appliances and furniture, which plays an important function in the cooking and daily work.Remaking the kitchen in "Khrushchev" is a particularly difficult task.These premises are always designed small-sized, and modern designers tend to combine them with a living.This creates the visual effect of a larger area.

Any set of kitchen furniture must be rationally arrange working along the wall.However, if the area - more than seven square meters, the probability of other solutions.

Straight line kitchen can safely break the stereotype as the past.Movement on the kitchen committed along the cabinet is very tedious and monotonous.Desirable operating points (cutting table, sink and stove) to make a triangle.For this kitchen cabinets are arranged in the form of the letter "n."Furniture in this case will surround you.This will reduce the distance to all the boxes and appliances.

Remaking kitchen will please the eye masters, if the middle of the room will be an isolated island block.Of course, it is possible for a sufficiently large area.Cooking in the presence of such a single unit will be carried out face to all members of the family, and if the kitchen combined with living room, most of the apartments will be in sight of the hostess.This is especially true for young parents who need to constantly monitor the employment of its children.

in "Khrushchev" separate block to put nowhere, but in small kitchens can be arranged all the furniture is compact enough.This option is possible and the nearby location of the wash plate.This will greatly save space.

for modern kitchen modular headset - a real find.All the elements of such furniture can be placed in its sole discretion.They are mobile and mobile, easily rearranged, making a welcome variety to the interior.

Remaking the kitchen and furniture should take into account "stuffing."It is convenient to use the lower-level boxes are withdrawable.Their application makes it easy to take everything that there is.It is not necessary to order open shelves or glass doors in the upper cabinets.Bringing order to this area will require greater effort, because the dust settles kitchen facilities along with the fat.

When extraction equipment should be aware that the device is only effective "umbrella", connected to the vent pipe.If the kitchen combined with living room, the powerful extractor is a must.