White kitchen - style and elegance

Many modern designers choose white color for kitchen design.This design goes out of style and looks very elegant and refined.White color makes the room bright, spacious and airy and goes well with other colors.It is necessary to add a few bright parts and neutral design white kitchen instantly and dramatically transformed.

Many fear that the white kitchen is very impractical - light furniture gets dirty too quickly, which could bring a lot of trouble mistress.However, it should be noted that the frequency of cleaning the kitchen is independent of its color.

exception is the white kitchen with frosted facades.It stains and handprints are more visible, so it is better to give preference to high-gloss facade.

So, you chose the design of the kitchen in white, but the fear that she might look corny and very soon get bored.To avoid boredom, striped interior, dilute design with bright colors.Do not be afraid to experiment.Furniture bright colors will be perfectly combined with a white background.In addit

ion, manufacturers of household appliances do not forget about the designer needs - you can choose a microwave oven, or, say, a refrigerator bright colors to create a cheerful mood to the design.Also, white kitchen looks great with bright curtains.

One of the most pressing is the colors black and white palette.

design black and white kitchen is ideal for those who do not want to draw the room only in some whites, and use bright colors does not want to.This is a classic combination, so it is always in fashion.In the world of modern design, there are many design options of black and white kitchen.One of the most popular is the use of white tones in the dining area, and black - in the work.White kitchen with skillfully placed accents of black color looks extremely elegant.

Interior black and white kitchen is very common not only in the Art Nouveau style and high-tech, but in the classical style.Feature high-tech and modern - is to use the design clear geometric shapes.In order to give a futuristic light shade, you can use glass components and chrome handles.

in a dark, small rooms it is recommended to use white as the main.Black elements in such kitchens have a slightly lighter shade furniture, focusing on specific details.The larger the area and the degree of lighting the kitchen, so can be safely used in the interior of black elements.However, please note that this color is very powerful effect, so be sure to comply with a certain harmony.

As you know, the black color has the property of absorbing light.Therefore, the kitchen, which is dominated by dark shades should be provided with additional illumination.Backlit glossy facades are beautiful sparkle, and the kitchen will not look bleak.It is also very beneficial to look at the black and white kitchen elements made of glass and stainless steel.

Finally it is worth noting - monochrome colors suppress appetite.Therefore, the kitchen in black and white design is ideal for those who have decided to get rid of the extra kilos.