About household microwave oven

microwave, also called microwave oven (derived from the word 'a microwave'), can be seen in many modern kitchens.In fact, it can even completely replace the traditional electric or gas stove with oven.But, mostly, microwave - it's still a good addition to the stove or cook top and oven.As for the rumors about the possible dangers to the health of the products heat treated in a microwave oven, then immediately it should be noted that in this publication, this topic will not be discussed.This is a question for chemists, physicians, physicists.Our goal - to highlight domestic equipment with certified international standard safety of radiation, electric shock, mechanical and thermal injuries.

Introducing the principle of the microwave will make the right choice when buying a model.At the level of a simple layman working principle can be described as follows.From microwave emitter called a magnetron, the microwave radiation is transmitted into the chamber with the product.Microwaves into the product (avera

ge depth of 2-5 cm) and forced to move erratically water molecules, which are present in virtually all foods.With the constant motion of molecules generate energy, thus - the heat, that is, it converts the energy of the electromagnetic radiation into thermal energy of the material.For uniform heating of the product from all sides is the turntable, the fan ventilates and cools the magnetron chamber.

From this primitive description it becomes clear that the most simple and ordinary use of a microwave oven - is thawing and reheating of food and products.More complex manipulations - cooking and braising, baking and roasting and baking pies - are also possible, but it invented additional devices that are provided with different models.That's why before the exercise of such purchase kitchen appliances, you need to decide for what purpose is acquired microwave - more than expected to prepare delicious meals in it, the more serious it should be equipped.

Let us consider briefly the main types of microwave ovens.

Solo - only microwave. easiest option, though in such a furnace can not only perform heating / defrosting food, but also to cook wonderful meals, but without prizharistyh and rosy crusts.But diet and healthy eating is only for the better.

Microwaves with grill. Grill a metal tube with an electric heating element inside (heaters embodiment) or a quartz glass tube with a tight suite wire of heat-resistant alloy of nickel and chromium in (quartz variant) integrated into the furnace chamber - from above and below, if there are two, or from the top,if there is one.This enables the microwave to cook fried dishes, grilled meat lovers will be delighted to such kitchen appliances.

Microwaves with grill and convection. convection built-in fan provides forced circulation of heated air in the chamber, which is extremely important when baking cakes, roasting meat, and so on.Combined with the effect of the microwaves is the same as that of a good oven, but the cooking time is significantly reduced.

Microwaves with grill, convection and steam generator. presence of steamers will appeal to supporters of a healthy diet.Trading network offers a wide variety of models of microwave ovens, which are different according to different criteria, including:

• Appearance - style, design, material finish camera - enamel coating, ceramic, stainless steel or bioceramics - which determines the complexity / simplicitycare;

• volume of the inner chamber - produced models from 8.5 to 42 liters, respectively, and the overall dimensions of the stove also varies;

• Power - one of the main characteristics, it usually has a value of 600-1000 W;in almost all furnaces available power regulator;if at the same time include additional modes - grill and convection, the power add up;This fact is important to consider the operation and connection;

• Control System - is arranged electromechanical, keypad, touch;choose an acceptable option - between simplicity and great potential of additional functions;

• attachments and avksessuary - multilevel lattice to heat multiple dishes at the same time for grilling, spit, steam drive (a kind of steamer with lid), drive for frying (a kind of pan), as well as special dishes and so on;

• functionality - child lock, and the sound timer, automatic cooking, heating, defrosting;function odor removal and cleaning program steam chamber;and so much more, that someone very important, and the other is not required ever.

Finally we wish to understand the potential buyer in the set of options and purchase the microwave oven, which will make the process of using a useful, simple and fun!And this will help consultants online store kitchen appliances and kitchen sinks Atlant-Yu site http://www.atlant-u.ru/.