Refrigerators Swiss brand Liebherr

Liebherr has for a long time been producing refrigerators, well-proven in Europe and other countries.Production of the brand Liebherr reliable in use, is equipped with modern technological developments in the field of refrigeration, which take into account all of the functioning of the refrigerator.Models of Liebherr refrigerators are practical and rationality of all the elements of interior design.

features models of refrigerators Liebherr:

  1. refrigerating chamber GlassLine.This series is characterized by a refined and elegant design of shelves and interior space, is fully consistent with Premium class refrigerator.Shelves can be installed at your request at any height, they are equipped with holders for cans and bottles.For their manufacturing tempered glass was used with a frame made of stainless steel.Containers, as well as shelves are adjustable in height, securely fastened and easy to remove, allowing you to store ready for serving dishes.
  2. refrigerator compartment Comfort GlassLine.This mode
    l is made of tempered glass shelves, framed plastic.Adjustable holders provide reliable and practical use of containers and shelves.New unique piece of equipment has become a versatile built-in shelves for bottles.It allows you to rapidly cool and store up to 5 bottles.As an elegant design solution, it is practical and versatile.Alternatively, it can be used to store a variety of products can be, and set it down on a glass shelf for bottles.
  3. UIK models are equipped with a special deep shelf for bottles in which to place the products in two rows, placing behind tall bottles and cans or putting ahead, such as yogurt cups.The two rows are separated by a special partition, wherein the bottles are fixed by means of movable holder.
  4. KIUe 1350 models are equipped with transparent trays, flat pull-out shelves and very roomy containers that can be easily seen and very easy to clean.
  5. Refrigerators IKBV IKV and a fully retractable container with a two-level branch, holding the temperature of the cellar.It can be stored as food and bottles placed in a basket with a removable holder.Model IKBV also has an autonomous cooling system.

Refrigerators Liebherr - is an indispensable purchase for each family: the aesthetic design of a large number of models, unique functional solutions, intelligent and easy to use the internal device.

Additional features of refrigerators Liebherr:

  • guides the shelves look like two fine columns with recesses front and rear.This development makes it possible to install shelves at any suitable height for you, and a smooth inner surface is easy to clean.To freeze fresh food and to store frozen was provided for 4 star freezer.Its temperature storage provides beneficial vitamins and minerals (below -18 ° C).
  • PowerCooling system allows you to quickly cool the fresh food and keep inside the refrigerator uniform temperature.When opening the refrigerator door, provides automatic shutdown of built-in fan, which allows prevent the ingress of warm air, reducing the amount of electricity consumed.
  • Automatic SuperCool to maintain the temperature of the refrigerating chamber, which falls to + 2 ° C within 12 hours - it is the ideal solution for fast freezing of products.
  • function CoolPlus lowers long term freezer temperature needed to perform high-quality frozen products, maintaining the required temperature in the range from 10 ° C to + 16 ° C.

By purchasing a refrigerator liebherr, you can select various elements and recessed models.Constantly increasing demand for refrigerators liebherr brand is a result of the high quality of the brand.