Design kitchen with breakfast bar for a modern interior

rhythm of modern life treats their demands and conditions to the level of life, the design of the apartment and furniture.Footage of apartments in new buildings becomes smaller to make housing affordable to the average consumer.Small apartment trying to make it more spacious and airy visually and with the help of furniture.So, there was a built-in appliances, wardrobes, built-in furniture, cabinets, partitions.For this purpose it has been developed design kitchen with breakfast bar.Furniture, projected for a particular room, always fits perfectly into the interior, and does not create a nuisance.The kitchen with breakfast bar has come to us from the West, which has long been used to the hustle and bustle, so this piece of furniture replaces the dinner table.There are several options, where the design kitchen with breakfast bar fits in organically and refined interior of the apartment:

  • combination with the kitchen set. This option is suitable for processing angular kitchens where space is particular
    ly important to preserve containment and all necessary equipment.It looks pretty interesting and original.This method of design is perfect for small and cozy kitchen.Another plus of this option - no need to choose the right color and size of the set, because bar replaces the dining table and is an extension of the kitchen units.
  • design kitchen with breakfast bar in the form of a screen.This option design apartment decor suitable for a combined kitchen, living room, where the bar will act as baffles, visually separating the room.This will give the creativity of the interior and the front will be more functionally replace the dining table, because her time can accommodate several people, taking place from both sides.
  • Making a window or wall. Ideal for small kitchens.When space is limited by the size of the room, it is necessary to minimize the amount of furniture and equipment, which must be arranged so as to provide comfort and convenience.Design a small kitchen with a breakfast bar that includes the location of the piece of furniture by the window or wall to save space in the room.
  • decoration design method "island". This design kitchen with breakfast bar is only suitable for large rooms.The bar counter, made in the form of an arc (the island), is located in the center of the room and plays the role of a dining table with mounted in a furniture, a stove, a sink and cupboards.The functionality of this type of furniture allows you to share the same space, working and dining areas.
  • home bar. For lovers of luxury and collectible spirits perfect full house bar.Location it requires considerable space and design it can be as large kitchen and living room

design bar can be different: with open or closed cabinets with hanging cornice, stained glass windows and lighting, etc.How to choose for your apartment design kitchen with breakfast bar, photo catalog and furniture stores always prompt!The main thing - do not get confused in choosing!