Green Cuisine in your home

Green is good for health.Under its influence the person calms down and relaxes.He has a positive effect on emotions, arranges them, makes people more peaceful.Also under its influence to stabilize blood pressure.It is because of its positive impact on human green so often encountered in the design of interiors of apartments - especially kitchens.Nowadays, almost everyone knows about the influence of colors on the human condition, and therefore green kitchen - a dream of many housewives.


sometimes very difficult to choose the desired hue of green, because it has so many different variations!Bright green, lime, pear, lime, malachite, emerald, turquoise, forest green - this is not a complete list.So how do you decide which one is the best?But to have a green color can have many elements of the kitchen, it's walls and furniture and crockery, and a washstand.

When choosing a shade you need to start from the size of the kitchen.If it is small, it must necessarily be light: it is visually incr

ease the size of the room and make it more cheerful.But green kitchen large size can be both light and dark, but it is necessary to take into account its location.For example, the kitchen, windows facing the north side should be painted in bright and cheerful color - a dark room and so, therefore, to compensate for low-light color should be bright and juicy.

selection of color lighting

Usually when you make this room as the green kitchen, selected basic shade, which later played a leading role.Then the selected auxiliary palette to be with him the perfect accompaniment.It may include other variations of the same color, and a completely new color.Here the decisive role played by the idea of ​​the designer.

The project design work area to check compatibility design.To do this, you need to periodically check the color range in the field: in order to have an idea of ​​how the room will look like under different light, you can experiment with lighting.For example, place the approximate color in the places where they are to be in, and change the lighting - make it something bright, then dark.This makes it possible to choose the optimal color scheme of the room, like a green kitchen.

"Green" afterword

Kitchen green perfectly fit into any home.Moreover, it can easily become its decoration and unusual twist.This color is best suited for nature lovers, as it is associated with trees, grass, flowers - green kitchen is always inextricably linked with nature.Being in a natural setting, a person is distracted from the problems and relaxing tunes to prepare elegant meals and meal.The green has a positive effect on the condition of man, his emotional balance and mood.If a kitchen to place fresh flowers, the positive impact will increase significantly.

noble Choose colors and shades of green - they will make your kitchen gorgeous!