Kitchen Design dining: share the work and dining area

Almost every woman wants to have a large open plan kitchen with dining area, but the current layout of the apartments does not allow it.Kitchen area is too small for such a separation.And here there is only one solution: to fulfill the dream you want to donate one living quarters - the nearest bathroom.It is necessary to demolish a wall separating the room and you have a kitchen-dining room, the design of which depends only on your preferences.

It should be remembered that it is necessary to be divided two different functionality areas.How a dining area separate from the work premises?Plain and simple.Interior Design kitchen-dining room can be both constructive and aesthetic.

To separate working and dining areas, you can use drop floors, archways, ceilings, columns, protruding structure.Also good will look different floor coverings, for example, tile and linoleum in the kitchen in the dining room.To isolate each zone areas choose a different color compositions.You can use a light solution of the pr

oblem: in the kitchen, use spotlights and halogen lamps, while the dining room is preferable daylight and general lighting.If there are windows in both zones, as they try to issue individually.

large space gives more opportunity to consider all the smallest detail.So remember that a large room for kitchen equipment and furniture will look differently each defect of the object will be visible very well.Precisely for this reason, the design kitchen-dining room need to think through very carefully.If you do not like that during the meal before the eyes of the working part of the room is opened, you can use a variety of technical tricks that Buda harmoniously with the design of the kitchen and dining area.For example, a plastic sliding door.When assembled, it will look like a decoration, but in a closed form, it will replace the wall of the dining area.Also, in the case of half the working arrangement in the corner kitchen-dining room you can use portable partitions.

most interesting and the most popular solution for the separation of areas - bar.It is very well covers what you want to hide from prying eyes: the stove, sink, etc.Bar counters can be inscribed in the design of the kitchen-dining room in two ways.First - bar is on the remains of the wall.It should be remembered that this rack will only have a decorative function.If you do not like, then use the second way - to make a stand without the base and fit the bottom.And the two sides differently.In the dining area in front of the bar set high stools, and from the work area, place it in the refrigerator, stove, wine boxes, etc.

Design kitchen-dining room and the arrangement of necessary parts depends on your taste and your habits.Just important that they blend with each other.It is best to flip through a few design catalogs, representing original solutions in interior design.