LED lights for the kitchen

Artificial lighting plays a big role in our lives.The total light in the room replaces the real light, not only at night but also during the day.It should be moderately bright, diffused and evenly distributed.This applies to any premises, including the kitchen.Usually the kitchen - a small room with one odnolampovym lamp located in the center of the ceiling.A kitchen work areas are located near the walls.This means that the person cooking food or washing dishes, himself blocking ambient light.Therefore, lighting for the kitchen, for its working areas - a vital necessity.In addition to working areas in the kitchen can be a dining table, which is also in need of good lighting.

What should be the lighting for the kitchen?Firstly, work areas shall be illuminated brightly enough light neutral palette, not to distort the natural color of upcoming products.Second, the lights, which are located above the dining table, not bad to choose such a height position that can be adjusted.For lamps with incandescent, f

luorescent and LED lamps, which are usually assembled on a few pieces.Part of modern kitchen furniture is shipped with a built-in backlight.In addition, the hood usually has a built-in work light hotplate.

addition to functional purpose lighting for the kitchen can also play a decorative role.Light can be released any decorative elements of the kitchen furniture.It can be highlighted and the usual glazed cabinets.Often it illuminated ceiling.Such lights for the kitchen can replace the central lamp and create a special note to the decorative design.

Typically, LED lamp or elongated fluorescent lamps are inserted so that they can see only light and lamps themselves can not see.This adds even more charm of kitchen lighting.Can illuminate not only the ceiling but also the floor.For these purposes use LEDs or solid ceramic tile with integrated LEDs and spotlights with thick glasses.Built-in lights - the most preferred embodiment of kitchen lighting.It does not clutter the space, but even visually increases it.For this option best suited compact lighting LED systems.In addition, the color of the lighting fixtures can be changed such that you can create different versions of the interior.Therefore, LED lights for the kitchen is becoming more common.

to create an attractive interior lighting is used for mirrors, paintings, photographs.It can be created by using various light sources.It can be both incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and neon and LED lights.The simplest and most economical option is the LED backlight.It can be made personally by using LED strip, which is issued on the basis of self-adhesive.All is simple: cut the desired length of a piece of tape with the adhesive surface of the protective film is removed, and the tape is attached to the right place.The only drawback - voltage electric current for LED strip - 24V, however, and it is solvable by applying the appropriate power supply.

With the help of illumination created by using LED strip, you can replace any fixtures and create a unique design of any premises.