Connecting the appliance: with their hands or invite a specialist?

Electrostoves were born much later than gas, but have already gained a strong position in the market.These boards have a better design, have a wide range of additional features and functions.An important advantage is also the fact that connecting electric stoves, unlike gas, it is possible to carry out on its own.

It should be noted that the connection home appliance requires specific knowledge and skills.The proper implementation of this process depends on the length of the period during which your technique would work smoothly.For the introduction of the plate is first necessary to build a separate cable to be connected directly to the shield.

on the rear panel of each appliance is a diagram of the connection.It can be single-phase, two-phase or three-phase.Currently, most boards have a single-phase wiring diagram, so you'll need a three-wire cable.Experts recommend using a cable with copper wire diameter of at least 4 mm2.

After you route the cables, it is possible to start a direct connection

appliance.Prior to this, we advise you to read the instructions to the appliance.For connection to the electric block has six pins.In order to be included in the single-phase 220 V, you will need to set the jumpers in accordance with the "earth", "phase" and "zero".If you are an amateur in this case, we suggest you contact an electrician because it will depend on the fate not only of your household electrical appliances, and all the wiring, if you do something wrong.

socket boards should be installed next to it, and any other devices included in it is not recommended.Connecting the appliance is carried out in a three-prong outlet, which is to maintain the current 25-30 A. To a wall outlet, you must connect the cable previously held.

The cable wires are of different colors.The blue wire is connected to the "zero", black - to "phase", the yellow-green - to the "earth."Now you can plug into an outlet plate, putting it on a pre-level.

next step is to conduct an audit: between the "land" and "phase" there should be no contact (ohmmeter when you select 2 MW shows a sign "infinity");resistance between "zero" and "phase" should be in the range of 4-10 ohms (verified for all positions in the mode switch plate ohmmeter 100 ohms).

Embedded boards are connected similarly, but this process requires more accuracy because the correct installation of the device relative to the other kitchen furniture is of great importance for its operation.

It should be noted that the connection plates, it is desirable to entrust an experienced electrician.So you can be sure that everything is done correctly.Another argument in favor of this: according to statistics most of the electrical boards gets to repair it due to incorrect connections and commissioning.As a rule, stores that specialize in selling of electrical engineering, are staffed by experienced staff who can help you connect and install the plate with high quality and in a short time.Therefore, we recommend to invite such a professional and enjoy preparing delicious meals in your brand new stove.