Grate - an essential element of the oven

Recently in vogue back room fireplaces and stoves.The process of creating them is quite complex, so must be carried out by experienced Pecnik.To create a furnace will need to purchase a lot of special tools.Grate - is one of the most important elements.It is intended to provide a uniform, constant supply of air to fuel and timely removal of slag and ash.Modern industry produces solid and prefabricated lattice.Recently collected several grate.

Depending on the fuel used and the constructive solutions of the furnace, using different parts.Grates separated into mobile and immobile.Last fall to such subspecies: tiled basketry;tiled flat;girder grate.The grid is formed of fixed grate beam and tile flat grates.Mobile consists of a thrust axis and the lattice.These parts are manufactured with a vertical (vibration) and the horizontal axis of rotation (rocking and full-turn).

During the cleaning of slag and ash from the grating can be rotated by the thrust axis.Tilting grate is able to move around its hori

zontal axis at 30 °.From time to time rocking such grate perfectly loosened the slag, so the mass of non-combustible quickly falls from the fuel card in the ash pan.Such details make it easy to clean the furnace and improve the combustion process.Movable gratings are typically used in furnaces of continuous burning.They consist of two articulated between themselves plate arrays that can revolve around a vertical axis by 180 °.

in the firebox grates are placed on the end hewn recesses in the bricks or whole bricks.These elements of the furnace are made mainly of high quality cast iron, which is slightly oxidized at a high temperature under the influence of oxygen.Grate for a furnace is performed in the cone or wedge shape, since it facilitates, settling between the plates through small holes of slag and ash.

amount of air passing through the grate in the firebox, is entirely dependent on its "live" section.Under this concept implies a ratio of the area to the total area of ​​the Prozorov lattice.It is expressed as a percentage.Form grates, their section and the thickness is directly dependent on the type of fuel used and the size of its factions.

Krupnozernovoe fuel such as peat or coal, the most efficient burning upon beam grates, which are formed in a grid section 20-40% (relative to its total area).The combustion mnogozolnogo and fine-grained fuel with a small release of volatiles using tiled lattice sections 10-15%.External dimensions determine its total area.It is placed

grate so that it Prozorov (holes) raspolagalit along the firebox, in the direction of the door to the back wall.In addition, the narrow sides of its slots facing upwards.