Wallpaper for the kitchen.

good host puts into his house soul.And if we talk about the mistress - a large part of the soul, it is likely to give the kitchen.After all, here she spends much of his life.

daily cooking, family holidays and a desire to pamper loved ones something tasty - the inheritance of his wife and mother.A workshop where gastronomic masterpieces are born and good meals every day, has been and remains a kitchen.It is a place at the table where the whole family, where there is a special atmosphere of confidence.In order to here it was especially comfortable, it is necessary not only to choose good furniture, but also to properly arrange the wall.

wallpaper or tile for the kitchen - what to choose?

Probably, the best option would be a combination of these materials.The apron of tile in the appropriate working area - tiles are not exposed to water, it is easy to clean and, therefore, it is perfect for places where the basic processes of cooking.The remaining surface of the walls papered better.

What properties must have wallpapers for the kitchen?

First of all, it is moisture - vapor and moisture can not be absorbed into the walls.A perfect solution would be washable wallpaper for the kitchen, as they have a water-repellent coating that can withstand not only excessive moisture and fat, and any other contaminants.A danger dirty walls in the kitchen are always present.In itself, the name - washable - tells about another useful property - wallpaper can be cleaned.

course, wallpapers for the kitchen, must be strong enough, and accordingly - tight.In this case, they "survive" in the kitchen over a long life.

Another desirable property - resistance to fading.After all, the kitchen should always be well lit, and do not wish that the presence of light over time affected the paint coating of wallpaper.

wallpapers for the kitchen.Design and color

teapots or bar?What to choose?The options are actually much more.

wallpaper with drawings on the theme of the kitchen are popular in our time.Kitchen, pasted over such wallpaper and decorated with classical still life, will always be comfortable and pleasant.If the kitchen is small, it is not necessary to choose the major figures - they "eat" the already small space.

Want something special?Look for textured wallpaper.Imitation bamboo, wood, natural stone in the wallpaper will help to realize interesting design ideas and create a special atmosphere.

Monochrome wallpaper - a simple solution.But with the right choice of color and texture that they become laconic clothing for the walls, which is advantageous to emphasize style furniture, beautiful curtains and original accessories.

Monochrome "calm" Wallpaper can also be combined with bright.This way you can visually divide the space of the kitchen and dining area on the working area.Proper placement of inserts wallpaper with graphic prints or original pattern will add a special charm to the room.It's worth noting that the wallpaper for the kitchen in such a case is to choose one, or at least most of similar quality.

Regarding colors each have their own preferences.Still, it should know that green has a positive effect on digestion, and blue - reduces appetite.Wallpaper red likely to have unwanted stimulating effect in the kitchen.Inappropriate on kitchen walls and dark brown.

cool colors visually expand the space and warm beige, orange and yellow kitchen will add comfort and light.