Quality installation cleaning

modern kitchen should be not only functional, it also must have an original interior design, to make it comfortable to work and relax.It is desirable that the selected interior kitchen match the general style apartments, but if it is to reach for whatever reason is not possible, you can use any other, as close as possible.As in any living room, where maximum comfort is achieved by the elements present furniture.In particular, the table, chairs, built-in kitchen appliances, cabinets, tables and, of course, sink.Installing the washing - it is a separate item in the kitchen equipment.

material for the manufacture of sinks

Traditionally in our apartments sink installed in the kitchen corner, close to the point of injection of cold water.But very often such an arrangement could violate the aesthetic appearance of the kitchen sink if not combined with other elements of the kitchen furniture.So often wash installation is done elsewhere in order to give the kitchen design, originality and naturalness.

As a rule, in most cases, used for the manufacture of stainless steel and granite.

porcelain sinks are less commonly used in the kitchen, as they are heavy and unstable to mechanical damage.

Mainly they are used in cases where stainless steel is not compatible with the surrounding decor.

Porcelain - the most demanded material for the bathroom than the kitchen, because it is unacceptable to use objects of steel.

The conditions us more familiar kitchen sink stainless steel. Stainless steel has good characteristics.And the products thereof are not amenable to mechanical damage and corrosion, as well as the effects of the chemical elements are often included in the ingredients of detergents.

There are three kinds of stainless steel sinks:

  • flush;
  • embedded;
  • bill.

bite type washing installation is done in a special doorway cut into the countertop.Its edges perfectly lie on the surface countertops.

embedded sink install is much more difficult, but worth the effort.

edges of a flat shell, designed to ensure that its surface is flush with the top.

This is achieved by the fact that the landing place wash carefully removed from the surface of a laminate countertop and sink installed in the slots made.The result is both surfaces at the same level, they appear as one.

third option is less common, as is the old method used when installing more steel sinks.This type of product has the edge curved in the shape of the letter "T", the installation of the washing is done even on the table, and on the cabinet itself, since the height of the wall thickness is creases.

Sinks of granite in the kitchen is usually used mortise and set into the tabletop.

Other types of installation are not applied in the kitchen.The bathroom sink in most cases of granite is fixed by means of special brackets to the wall surface.

No matter what type of car wash is selected, it must be remembered that its installation should be carried out strictly on the level and without distortions.

also very important to know that the pipe leading from the riser directly to the sink should be placed at an angle of about 3 degrees per meter of it.