The device filters Aquaphor Aquaphor Morion Tabor

Flow filter Aquaphor Favorite - a comprehensive water treatment system in Russia.Operating device resource - 12 000 liters of clean water, a filtration rate - 2.5 liters of pure water per minute.Filter this model 100% purifies the water from the compounds of chlorine, 99% - of the oil and phenol, is 99% - heavy metals and pesticides.These figures show a very high degree of water purification.The package includes a filter Aquaphor Favorite:
- block reservoirs;
- fittings for connection;
- tap to supply pure water;
- pad and the adapter;
- instructions for installation and operation.
filter housing is very durable, it is made of stainless steel, it is not afraid to shock and corrosion.At the end of a working resource module is replaced, but the operating experience indicates that the resource is enough for several years.The filter is designed to fit under the sink.All parts of water treatment devices require their continued use.
The principle of filter Aquaphor favorite is the following: the water is cl

eaned in two stages.The outer layer of the filter unit comprises a mixture of activated carbon and fiber Akvalit.Internal porosity is karbonblok one micron and purifies water from chlorine and organic impurities.
Water Filter Aquaphor Morion - Russian development as the first filter in the world, working on the principle of reverse osmosis, a hydraulic tank.As part of the filter has the following elements:
- net pre-treatment module;
- housing water purifier;
- pre-treatment units;
- block with reverse osmosis membrane;
- mineralization unit and air-conditioning;
- filter assembly hydro.
After installing the filter circuit water purification as follows.The water from the cold water network passes through the prefilter, and then enters the pre-water treatment units.Replaceable modules K1-03 (4) and K1-02 (3) Free water from active chlorine compounds, iron oxides and prolong the working life of the membrane.The housing membrane has two output valve: to clean and drain the water.Pure water is fed into the tank, which is divided into a control and accumulating section.In the accumulator section is completely purified, ready-to-drink water and in control - passed the pre-filter.With decreasing amounts of pure water, the liquid is squeezed from the control section to drain.When this resistance is pure water does not occur.When full, the storage tank valve is activated, blocking the arrival of water in the water purifier.When you open the faucet clean water control section receives another "portion" tap water, purified water squeezing through the conditioning unit to the faucet.In block C in a water filter Aquaphor Morion a replaceable filter model K1-07, removes unpleasant taste and odor.
After installing the filter in the water, resulting in the first and second filling of the storage tank, it is recommended to merge.