Cutlery and properly care for them

most commonly used in household appliances - dining.Every day, we take food in the morning, afternoon and evening, so watch out for flatware necessary, with special trepidation.On the one hand it may seem that there is no problem: Turn on the dishwasher, I folded the dirty dishes in the basket, waited for the end of the washing and everything shines.But it is often not so simple.Experienced hostess know some secrets that can make the dish is not only clean, but also to give it a real chance to serve for decades.But before I reveal the main observation is to understand what are the general types of table items.

Plastic is considered one of the cheapest materials, and often disposable cutlery made it out of her.This option is most appropriate for people who do not like to wash dishes.You can eat and throw away the dirty plates, forks, spoons or cups.But we need not only practical but also aesthetic?

Cutlery of wood are better known to us from fairy tales, old films and photographs.But they are consider

ed unhygienic, unattractive and, as a consequence, these accessories have long gone out of use.Although almost all of us at home with wooden spoons, which are stored as a memory of the past years, as regards the relevance of wooden cutlery is quite common blades, special scrapers of wood for pans to avoid scratching their coverage (assuch as other metal instruments).

more modern and popular are utensils made of stainless steel.Some of the stylish cutlery can be found on the website of dishes from Villeroy and Boch.Their advantages - low cost, attractive design and quality is quite tolerable.Especially that stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion impervious even after many years of operation, allowing kitchen items for a long time to maintain their perfect look.One such species is the stainless steel cookware Kukmara of aluminum for cooking.Elite considered silver cutlery.Usually they daryatsya on anniversaries, weddings, anniversaries, or made to special order.Silverware is able to decorate any table and emphasize the solemnity of the event.

But how to properly care for the devices?The main rule is that utensils should be washed immediately after a meal, because in this case will be much easier to get rid of even the most serious contaminants, such as dried food debris, because they can be rid essentially only metal hedgehog, who can actually scratch yourcutlery, and eventually it will affect the condition and appearance of this device.

addition, you should carefully read the instruction, which is usually written on the box, as there may be any specific recommendations from the manufacturers.It is desirable in the dishwasher cutlery randomly placed in special baskets, without distinction of species, it is only a waste of time.And most importantly - at least occasionally wipe the spoons, forks and knives with a soft cloth so that they sparkled and looked like new.