At the edge of the economy: kaku properly sharpen a knife

unbearably tedious and long cut bread on a flat cutting cheese and sausages can not speak.Salad long ago turned into a solid soap opera with shouts and enlargement ingredients.One reason, it can be eliminated and only knowing kaku properly sharpened knife.

instruments of labor

What knife?Invented by our ancestors means rassekaniya material, forming a long and thin, often a metal wedge.The thinner side - the sharper the knife cuts.Otherwise it is referred to as adjusting the angle of sharpening.Also, the cutting process depends on the mechanical action on the handle - how hard we push it.Therefore, modern blades are made from durable, stainless steel alloys, but even with such a wear-resistant properties of the metal surface of the continuous touch solid blunts blade.

Rule №1 for the mistress: what to think, kaku properly sharpen a knife is better to choose for each class of products on its blade width: meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, oil - all this is cut at a different angle of sharpening.Adh

erence to this rule is difficult, especially in natural cooking, so proceed to the next step.

time to sharpen knives

Where in the economy of modern ladies take the right tools?Earlier blade grinders went from house to house, offering their services - is now a good master in the afternoon with fire will not find, we have to do everything myself.

Rule №2: for each plot - his instrument.It turns out that each of the methods has its own specific sharpening, the ignorance of which only spoil the quality of the metal.

So whetstone - not cheap, is a piece of an abrasive stone grain on a particular system (FERA, ANSI, etc., in every country - own).It uses a pair.

Musat - the likeness of a file with a rounded handle.Thinking about kaku properly sharpened kitchen knife, should choose Musat - it supports the blade is constantly in a state of acute, but is not able to correct the chronic defects.

Mechanical and Electrical sharpeners - child progress.However, sharpened blade so long hold on in the correct state, and have to grind with increasing frequency.Electric sharpeners can optimally measure the angle of sharpening to give to understand how to sharpen a knife and make jewelry work for each of the cutting kitchen items, including - for the serrated blade.And as progress is pushing manufacturers to an arms race - every day the market goes upgraded model sharpeners.Good and affordable gift of a series of household items.


To understand kaku properly sharpen a knife, you must understand the art of patience, of meditation.A couple of progressive movements did not do - will have to spend on each tool for half an hour.You should start, as in the case of correction manicure - with a coarse texture, until the small chip on the blade of the knife.After this change is the bar.Similarly, as with a nail file, it remains stationary surface of the tool - should move the knife blade.Do not damage the work surface having spread an oilcloth or newspaper.Slide knife perpendicularly possible without changing angle.When finished, wipe steel alcohol solution - ready!You are the owner of an updated kitchen tools.