Country style in design cuisine: cozy and comfortable rustic antiques

Design and interior decoration of your house or apartment - a fascinating but at the same time, and complex task.Not always, even spending a large sum, we get the desired result: a complete and organic ensemble, in which every detail - furnishings, textile decoration, decoration of walls, ceiling and floor - will be sustained in the same style.In contrast, the inexpensive but tasteful interior elements may look like a picture from the page of a fashion magazine.

Therefore, beginning to equip and furnish the space of the apartment, decide with the overall style of the interior.Most popular furniture design - High-quality classics, current high-tech, informal and comfortable country style.Each of them has its own characteristics and applications.For example, the classic design of the most appropriate in your office or living room, country style is best used in furniture and kitchen design, terrace of a country house.

interiors decorated in this way, the impression of a cozy provincial antiques, rusti

c grandmother's estate.The walls, floor and ceiling is preferable to use natural materials (wood, stone, rattan).For example, for the decoration of the walls can be combined with small floral wallpaper pattern ("Sitchikov") and unpainted wooden panel;decorate the ceiling beams and wooden railings;an ideal option would be the decor floor stone slabs.

Country style makes certain demands and kitchen furniture.Selecting headsets, stop for simple models, without intricate decorations and small parts.A good option would be woven situation ("Outdoor") rattan furniture, or simulate it.Built-in kitchen appliances (hobs, hoods) should be deliberately weighted with large handles and decorative elements.Perfect material for sinks and countertops - natural stone.A frequent element of the decor in the country style kitchen - a broad band of floral patterns, it can be found on the curtains, draperies, furniture and household appliances.Modern kitchen, decorated in the style of country music, often complemented by a decorative fireplace or fireplace.He can become the center of the room will make the situation hints of antiquity, simplicity, solidity.

Making kitchen or dining room, country-style, pay attention to the fine details of the interior (shelves, ceramic plates and dishes, bouquets and arrangements of dried flowers and fruits, clay pots, baskets, stylized utensils).Do not be afraid to overdo it with the details: the design of the kitchen in country style implies abundance (even excessive) decorative detail.They give the impression of a lived-in, comfortable home.Equipping kitchen space, do not forget about textiles (curtains, pot holders, towels, blankets on chairs and armchairs).Through these daily gizmos you fill your kitchen charm and simplicity, the interior stilizuete "antique".

course, country style - just one of the many options that can be used in the arrangement of kitchen space.Someone more like have a high-tech hi-tech, with its simple geometric lines, or noble, seasoned classics.But only in the country style kitchen creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, will give the necessary sense of inviolability of the home.