To make repairs small kitchen needs more fantasy

make quality repairs and beautiful small kitchen is not as easy as it seems at first glance.Small size does not imply that it will take a little time and imagination.After all, in a small space is necessary to place the kitchen furniture, stove, refrigerator and, most importantly, all members of the family at the table.

Before you start repairing small kitchen should be planned in advance, which will be located all appliances.You must also calculate the amount of equipment in advance to consider the wiring diagram.You can not put a sink next to the stove.It is better that the distance between them is not less than 30 cm. Home Appliances desirable to select a narrow and compact.This is especially true of the refrigerator, which usually takes a considerable area.

Since repair small kitchen, make sure you draw the plan.If you carefully consider everything possible to achieve the best result.It is necessary not only to select suitable materials for repair, but also pay special attention to various deta


Very important is the design of a small kitchen.It is possible to separately emphasize the work area to place the table and cabinets so that it is most convenient for all family members.Kitchen furniture is best to place the L-shaped or a straight line.The second option is more preferable, since in this case, the small kitchen is more space for a dining area.If possible, use as a working surface of the sill.

There renovation of the kitchen design ideas that can help in the optimization space.I advise you not to opt for this massive furniture.For a small space is best suited tables and chairs made of transparent plastic or glass.If you use high furniture, it is possible to visually draw a small kitchen.So best to buy a round or oval.It does not take much space.

to visually increase the space designers are advised to use a well-known method as "illusion."One can achieve this by color, pattern, or coverage.For example, the fine pattern has the ability to delete, and large - is approaching.

interior small kitchen, it is desirable to make a bright and neutral shades.This applies both to the walls, ceiling and floor, and all the furniture.Bright colors visually enhance a small room.To the interior was not monochromatic, it is necessary to add a bright color accents.For this perfect various accessories or utensils.However, it is desirable to use the interior of no more than two colors.

for a small kitchen is most suitable lightweight textiles, light translucent curtains or tulle.Curtains should be without bright patterns and prints.It must be remembered that the natural light gives the visual volume of the room.So do not close the window curtains.Better use of blinds.

for a small kitchen are the most suitable free style (minimalist, modern, Japanese-style).With the right approach, it becomes functional, comfortable and beautiful.Repair small kitchen - it is an opportunity to show their imagination, combining it with modern technology.