The cozy house and the walls in the kitchen added joy!

How often hosts a lot of attention paid to the design of your home, completely forgetting about the kitchen, considering it just a utility room!And in fact, this is hardly the one room where the family spends the most time.For the hostess this job, and a place to rest when they are with a girlfriend drinking tea and chatting.A kitchen often serves as a dining room for the whole family.

But even to think carefully about kitchen interior, successfully arrange the furniture according to the rules, highlighting the area, matching curtains and lamps, the owner sometimes ruefully observes that like something is missing.

And the reason is that the walls in the kitchen remained outside the attention of those who have thought through the design of the room.It seems to be done a lot: pokleit washable wallpaper, tiled place at the sink and stove, ceilings whitewashed.But comfort, after all, no.

So should do is close walls.Fortunately, designs kitchen walls there are so many.You can, for example, to simulate

brickwork.For this paste over the wall in the kitchen with special volumetric washable wallpaper "Brick".

can even use natural stone and put it to some small area: the corner in the dining area or a part of the wall around the front door.This will give the room a unique charm, add a romantic touch in the presence of an ancient wine cellar Castle of the Counts.

If the owners prefer the traditional classic style, not like frills and excesses, is pondering the question of what to cover the walls in the kitchen, they often choose the paint warm pastel tones.The bright walls visually enlarge the space, which is extremely important for small apartments.

widely used as a decorative finishing ceramic tiles.She laid out as separate parts of the walls, and fully draped entire wall surface of the room.It looks very stylish if chosen tile with a picture and a complete panel or mimic marble or granite.

Most designers offer to decorate the walls in the kitchen mosaic of bat tiles.Rough edges of pieces and different sizes give the wall composition liveliness and originality.

but the top flight of fancy design is certainly painting the walls in the kitchen.If the landlady loves house plants, is interested in their cultivation, it is appropriate to allocate the kitchen "green zone" where to place special supports for plants to establish a chair, and on the wall depict the summer landscape.

Well-matched colors create a simulation of the charming corner of nature, and nature on the wall as it will expand the space, add a sense of freedom, lightness and infinity.

But we can move away from realism and dream a little.Someone like abstract paintings, someone - fancy images on the walls of strange birds and fabulous large flowers in the Japanese style.This is particularly relevant in the case in the kitchen includes a seating area with sofas and floor carpet.

But if the owners do not have the talent for mural and give the kitchen a nontrivial design desire to eat, it is possible to use a version of the "wooden kitchen."Moreover, the search for material for a wall decoration today does not make much effort - suitable panel from the old polished furniture.That will come, that the question of what to cover the walls in the kitchen, in financial terms at no cost to the owner.

also one of the interesting design solutions is the use to decorate the walls of applications, vinyl stickers, stencils.Originally looked at the kitchen walls conventional box from under sweets pasted pieces of wallpaper.They can also attach pictures baby, making the kitchen more comfortable and more dearer.