Modern furniture arrangement

furniture of any premises must first be practical and comfortable.Comfort and safety - these are two criteria to keep in mind, a plan drawing rooms, especially for families with children.Considering the options and trying to figure out what should be the placement of furniture, you should first understand how the room should be the suitability of its image under the furniture, available in stock, or it must be purchased.

First of all, you need to remember about the functions performed by this or that room.For example, the placement of furniture in the kitchen presupposes the existence of free space around the dinner table.Thus, the table must be set so that because it could free up.It is recommended to place it at a distance of seventy-five centimeters from the wall, plus add another fifty centimeters on the chairs.

must say that today have become very popular in furniture that will fit in organically plan kitchen, as well as combined or sectional, various kits that will give the opportunity to f

urnish the room in the same style.And if the kitchen to put a small amount of bright objects, some ornamental plant, the room will look elegant and cozy.

The living room is best to issue so that placement of furniture went along the walls, making an exception only for the coffee table.However, if the room is large enough, it can be divided into functional areas.This sofa does not have to stand along the wall, you can move to the middle of the room.Or instead, you can put a chair bed of small size.Anyway, near the couch, chair or sofa should be free passes at least fifty centimeters.It is best to have a run on three sides.Of course, this is not strict dogma important to remember that members of the household should be comfortable.

accurately enough in the living room will look built-in cabinets and wall shelves for books.It should be noted that the furniture, the space is divided into zones, should attract the attention (to have bright accent).

Placement of furniture in the hallway should take place so that the cabinets, pedestals for shoes and so on. D. Do not interfere with him to move freely.

The bedroom, which usually takes a lot of space, today often replaced ottoman or a sofa bed with a box for linen.Great demand pull-out beds, that day can be pushed into the closet.There is also another design them when the mattress can be turned on the axis that is embedded in a wooden frame and its zadёrnut curtain.

dressing table in the bedroom is also undesirable (of course, this is true for small rooms and rooms of medium size).In this case, the toilet (mirror) moved inside the cabinet: the mirror is mounted on the wall of the door, and beneath it - a shelf for small items.

In fact, you can pick up a wide variety of designs themselves.After all, today furniture is often made on the image of the customer.

Thus, placement of furniture affect the appearance of the room.Therefore, the latter may seem like a large and close.Style at the same time may also vary from the classical to the so-called bohemian.Therefore, when constructing a plan of premises is necessary to achieve the main thing - to make the situation not only comfortable, but also original.

Quite often made furniture arrangement feng shui.There are a lot of rules, as a result of compliance with that house filled with happiness, success and love.

But in any case, as it was not conducted placement of furniture, housing should remain comfortable, spacious and beautiful.The main thing is to remember that it all depends on the preferences and the ingenuity of the owners, as well as the size of the rooms and outbuildings.