Domestic water filters

household water purification filter becomes forced way to provide his home with purified water.The popularity of home water purification in recent years is growing very faster pace in our country.Drinking water is necessary for cooking of course you can buy it in points post-treatment, or in the retail trade at exorbitant prices to take bottled.But buying such water, always leaves open the question of its quality, because it checked with every purchase is not possible, so we believe the manufacturer's word.And the constant transport of heavy bottles home does not give much pleasure.It is much easier to install in their own home water treatment system and always be confident in the quality of water.
Domestic water filters is quite diverse.You may want to set as the most simple and inexpensive filter pitcher, and most comprehensive treatment system consisting of several components: a mechanical filter for water (Honeyvell or Pentecost), the system is softening and iron removal (filter Aquaphor WaterBoss,

Ecosoft, Ekovater or Atlas)reverse osmosis system (filter Akvofor 50 Osmo filter Aquaphor Osmo 100 filter Aquaphor Morion system Absolute aquafiltering, Leader).Filter-jug enough cleans tap water, as manufacturers understand their popularity among the population and most are trying to invest in the small size of these filters the highest possible degree of purification.They make effective it is removed from mechanical impurities, organic and organochlorine compounds, nitrates and pesticides, but have a very small share of cartridges and it should not be forgotten!Much better degree of purification and much more convenient in everyday life flow type filters.They have a separate valve for treated water and a plurality of filter cartridges that can purify water by more contaminants.Source of these filters are much larger than the filter jugs, but a small rate of filtration is not possible to use them for rapid purification of large amounts of water.
For the highest quality purified water in sufficient quantities is recommended for water filters based on reverse osmosis (filters Aquaphor OSMO, for example).These water purification systems have the greatest resource, provide the highest degree of purification of the water and by the presence of a large storage tank provides a large supply of purified water.Before such filters is recommended to install a mechanical filter Honeywell, which will be removed from the water main mechanical impurities and thereby ensure the durability of the membrane itself.Reverse osmosis system provides very clean and safe for the health of the water, because the water in the cleaning process does not undergo any chemical changes in it without introducing a third-party agents.In addition to the reverse osmosis filter can be connected mineralizer water.passing through the water is saturated with useful meneralami and trace elements - this greatly improves the taste and raises its pH.The output of such a reverse osmosis system does not only water, purified at the molecular level, but additionally enriched with all the necessary microelements water.You can also install the output of such a system outliner water or ceramic posfiltrov, but their effectiveness in many experts call the many doubts