Best Prices, drawing for the kitchen, kitchen hood

I think most realize that to maintain order and cleanliness of the kitchen hood must be set, the more of our time in quite a lot.

wanted to renovate the kitchen looked spotless: tiles, walls, appliances, furniture.You do not want to take away from the overriding kitchen facilities - multi-functionality, convenience.I calculated and thought out everything except the hood.Kitchen hood - almost like a human heart, it is always ready to breathe life into the body, except that the extraction system removes air from foreign odors, vapors, provides maximum containment procedures cooking food.There are different

cooker hoods.In form: telescopic, recessed dome, suspended.With all of the above I had to understand, to find their way, what kind of model is suitable for my kitchen.Dome models, in general, seemed pleasant enough from the point of functionality and aesthetic characteristics.To find out the properties associated with these extracts, I began to analyze the stages of installation.These hoods are atta

ched directly to the wall.Sold usual and angular hood.Plus this type of models in their performance and external aesthetics, because it determines the working style of the kitchen.But there was a drawback - the need for abduction impressive field during installation extractor hood.

Suspended smaller types.They are installed, often below the cabinet, thus allowing free use of the walls of the most practical.However, in my case, a model of this type has been weak, but do not say that such a disaster is inherent in all models.In the telescopic model also included the suspension characteristic, but with more advanced by the panel have increased the area clean, and it helps to improve productivity.

dome models like the fact that they are connected to the main channel of air.A suspension options most suitable for zhiroulavlivaniya.Carefully examine individual characteristics of kitchen hoods, came the realization that the preliminary opinion about the need to replace the filter elements - just archaic.Hoods developing are a new generation of aluminum grease catchers, which are used for a long time, need to be cleaned with detergents and water from the tap.These filters are easy to detach and return.The use of aluminum allows to get rid of the combustion of gas, oil, soot.Grease six-layer made of aluminum, but airflow that flies these layers does not cause noise.This type of filter determines the quiet operation of the device.These filters often, equipped with overhead recessed hood, though for the most high-quality dome models they also are utilized.

Choosing the hood, I learned a lot, to determine the desired parameters.I clearly remember - the size of the model extraction is required to approach the cooking area to receive air umbrella provided capture contaminated air.Any built-extractor must comply with this rule, and therefore when choosing me, first of all, estimates loan.

was necessary to properly care for this acquisition.Everyone knows that the hood - it is the most polluted place cuisine.Typically, the fat is not only the filter, but also on the surface of the drawing.Aluminum metal and glass, the most popular materials that are utilized in extracts - for them simply to watch, cleaned of grease, dirt.Thus, in the search must look not only on the performance of all models, type and capacity, but also on materials.

While I was immersed in a search, your requirements change.As a result, I decided that my criteria started coming exclusively branded hoods cost ten thousand rubles.The upscale devices immediately noted a huge number of remarkable properties which were absent for an average models and inexpensive price.First of all, these hoods have stylish design, to the list of advantages included: setting power, powerful engine (ensuring reliable traction, which is able to absorb impressive amounts of vapor), touch control, the extra noise insulation.Saving was unreasonable, and the budget avoids the alternatives in the best convenience of the kitchen facilities.So I bought it a model of extraction, no regrets, as was expected quality results.