And the use of video surveillance camera detector

often heads of organizations impose on video surveillance systems in the office all the security functions.However, they can not be fully provided by using only video cameras.The main problem of systems - the routine work of the operator, which is responsible for many hours of observation of the "silent" scenes.In addition, it is the additional cost of employee salaries.

specialists who develop video surveillance systems, to some extent dealt with this problem by creating a system with video analytics.These systems detect and classify targets (moving cars, people, etc.), accompany them, and informs the operator of any abnormality, helpfully providing video footage in real time.

Quality software for intelligent IP-cameras - the key to successful operation of the entire system of protection.But do not be limited only to the introduction of video surveillance.Security is complete only when a comprehensive approach to solving problems.

surveillance in offices can be conducted not only you, but also your

competitors.Complicated technical tools to help them connect to the channels broadcast the camera images on the monitor of the operator, and to intercept the signal.On the other hand, they can implement their hidden camera, which will help to detect only tested detector cameras in the capable hands of an experienced security officer.

In addition, the monitoring system with built-in intelligence to help provide extra fire safety in offices.It can be integrated with any alarm systems.It detects fire and smoke in the room at the time of the hearth, and notify the operator.Thus, IP-CCTV eliminates all the disadvantages of a fire alarm.

Besides offices CCTV systems used in restaurants and cafes to monitor the visitors (to prevent unauthorized smoking), they help to see who throws of the drivers from the windows of the car trash.In the cinema the system can calculate the number of spectators, in order to prevent the sale of so-called "left" tickets.

CCTV to help us in all areas of life, to underestimate their ability is not necessary, but also hold them high expectations too.At the same time global implementation of video analytics will help reduce crime and facilitates ordering of society.