Professional care for laminate

making repairs in the apartment, each owner chooses the decoration material, which is most suitable to him in quality and cost.That is why most of the people opt for interior decoration laminate floor.This material has won the love of consumers with an ulterior motive.Increased durability, excellent appearance, durability and environmental friendliness, low cost and easy-care laminate only added to his popularity.

wide range of colors and appearance, copying the surface of natural wood, allow to pick up a finishing material for any interior.Some types of laminate are ideal for rooms with high humidity, a bathroom, toilet and kitchen.The warranty period for this material is large enough.But the wrong care laminate it may significantly reduce.

to flooring as long as possible delight you with their view, should be to follow the simple rules.

  • Skin-care laminate should only be special.
  • necessary to carry out periodic cleaning and quickly remove a variety of pollution.

to exercise proper care of a l

aminate, you must know its structure.Each panel consists of several layers of pressed wood fibers and coated or acrylic melamine resin.It is this top layer protects the floor from exposure to sunlight, mechanical stress, stubborn dirt.Properly assembled panels are virtually monolithic flooring.And if during the assembly of all joints were treated with an adhesive or sealant, such that even the floor are not afraid of the water.

Care laminate in an apartment simple and cope with it any family member.Cleaning may be either dry or wet.If the chosen material has a melamine coating, so it has anti-dust properties.The coating need only be vacuumed using a soft brush.

not imagine cleaning without washing floors?You can laminate wipe with a damp cloth.Use a cleaning swab coated microfiber.Be sure to wipe the floor with a dry cloth to completely remove water droplets.

Deciding to cover the floor of the apartment with laminate, just buy a few products for professional care.It takes a special wax pencils and putty suitable color, a special stain remover and detergent.It must be remembered that it is impossible to clean laminated powder coating, any medications, which include acid or alkali, and a wire brush.Do not use tools for flooring.They form a highly visible and unsightly stains on laminate flooring.If

mistake happened, and the floor soiled with fat, cream, glue or a child drew it felt pen, follow these steps:

  • apply special cleaning agent and leave it for a few minutes until completely dissolved smudges;
  • with a damp cloth to clean the vehicle floor;
  • wipe the area of ​​the floor with a dry cloth to avoid streaks.

What if there were scratches on the floor?In this case, the help of a suitable wax crayon hue.It is enough to hold them for damage several times to completely cover up.Leaving the vehicle for a few minutes, polish the area of ​​the floor with a dry cloth to remove any excess funds.And if the more significant damage to laminate?In this case, you can not do without a special putty.Apply it on the affected area with a spatula and blend soft, dry cloth.Putty fully restores the protective properties of the laminate.

avoid scratches and chips take some precautions:

  • near the front door lay a mat;
  • not go on laminitis in street shoes;
  • furniture legs stick on special backing of felt;
  • time to trim the claws pet.

Let care laminate gives you only pleasure, and its appearance pleases many years.