Lever lock - reliable protection of your home

locking lever - quite ancient invention.His story begins back in the 19th century when English inventor Jeremiah Chubb patented the so-called "detector".The peculiarity of this complex mechanism is that when you use the wrong key lock is automatically blocked.Criminals kept it from repeated hacking and host, thus warning of an attempt to access.Lock eliminated with a special key that is sold complete with a lever lock.

In 1824 Brother Charles Chubb significantly improved mechanism and lever locks it became possible to use without a second key.Soon, thanks to the successful design of the mechanism rather won great popularity among consumers.

Today locking lever locking system does not involve an attempt at unauthorized access.This is its main difference from its predecessor.

In general, the mechanism is a set of special plates (levers) that has done the special slots (slots) of a certain size and shape.They are connected to the reception - a very important part of the bolt.When the key levers of ea

ch raised on a strictly defined place for it.Castle opens only when all the plates will be in their positions, freeing up the slot for the free passage of the bolt.However, if at least one of the levers did not take proper position, the strut bolt when turning the key will not move.

When selecting mechanism pay special attention to the fact that a reliable high-quality locking lever - is:

  • no less than six levers;
  • III class resistance to the opening and above;
  • bronenakladki armor plates and as additional protection against drilling;
  • reinforced beams that protect against sawing;
  • additional secret elements that protect against the master key: buffering mechanisms and false notches;
  • precision keys with carefully polished beards and strict right angles;
  • opportunity transcoding using replaceable unit levers or a special set of keys.

significant drawback of the standard lever design - the need for complete replacement of lost keys in the lock.However, current manufacturers have coped with this problem.Today, the market can find a lever locks with the possibility of replacing the secret mechanism of a new set, or an unlimited number of recoding.Moreover, these features are not available to unauthorized persons, since they may perform only open castle.

How to open a lock lever?Its design suggests a large keyhole, through which attackers can try to use a passkey.However, to open the lock, thus virtually impossible.Therefore, most burglars destroyed the bolt, using a drill, eliminating the barrier to move it.If done correctly, the mechanism to open the cellar.However, the destruction of the key-rack - a very delicate matter, which the attackers are trained specially.There are special schemes, which are clearly marked with the desired point of the castle, they applied to the door, aligning with the lock, and drilled holes where necessary.

Another way of opening this type of lock - insert into the key hole mount or similar object, which by its size will exceed the key.Thus, the hole will expand and it will be possible to enter svertysha.Turning it with a wrench, you can achieve what svertysha clicks on tooth comb, and levers at the same time will not rise.The impact of the power goes to the upright and broke it, causing the lock will open.However, in this case, it will have to spend a lot of effort.

installing locking lever, please note that even the most expensive and reliable mechanism does not provide an absolute guarantee against opening your front door.Therefore, to avoid breaking the door locks is better to use two different types.