The child and the humidity of the air in the apartment

Even before the child's birth parents are thinking about where to equip the place for the baby, how to put the crib, you need to buy.Another important issue is the definition of the "right" temperature and humidity in a room where there will be a small child.Many people now think that it will be about buying a heater or plastic windows for insulation.Instead, we talk about how important the child is clean, wet and cool air, the negative effect on the body of the baby excessive dryness and heat.

temperature and humidity in the apartment where the baby should be such as to strengthen the health of the child from birth.

After spending a few days in the hospital, my mother says that the thermometer is in the House at around 22, and then all of 24 degrees, no instruments, such as humidifiers, nowhere to be seen.From this she concludes that warmer and drier, the better.Arriving home, she immediately seeks to turn up the heat, close all windows and warmer dress your child not to supercooled.Maternity hospit

al - a place where there is a lot of mothers and children.And every mother of their concepts and principles.If the temperature in the chambers is 18 degrees, almost every new mother complains that cold in the hospital, and the baby can get sick.So paramedics trying to please so mums to avoid later claims.

In fact, the warm and dry air is very adverse effect on the child's health and it adds.We all know that local immunity - is mucus that is produced in the nose and upper respiratory tract.It contains antibodies that are actively fighting with Once ingested viruses and bacteria.If the mucus is dry - the immune system weakens, and pathogens penetrate inside.Do not allow drying out mucus helps correct temperature and humidity in the room.

little child is afraid of hypothermia, but even more it prevents overheating.High air temperature contributes to the fact that the child is not able to lose heat through the lungs, so the process takes place through the skin.Consequently, the child sweats that contributes to the loss of water and mineral substances, it needs.The optimum temperature in the room where there is a child, is 18-20 degrees.It is best to dress warmer baby and make the temperature of 18 ° C - even breathing the cool air.

optimum humidity in the apartment - an important factor in the health and immunity of the child.Children who breathe dry air, more and more seriously ill.What humidity should be in the apartment?Normal figures - from 50 to 70%, the minimum margin - 40%.From this it follows that in every house where there is a small child, to be a device that measures humidity in the apartment.This device is called a hygrometer.If the humidity in the apartment less than acceptable, which is very often the case in the heating season and in the summer time, you need to purchase a humidifier.

Humidifiers come in different shapes and sizes, different designs and different functions.There are moisturizers with built-in sensors that indicate the temperature and humidity in the apartment, with the function of heating steam, ionization, and other parameters.There are quite simple and inexpensive models whose sole function - humidify the air.

If you plan on having a baby, the humidifier, thermometer and hygrometer - a shopping list.Provide the child with a comfortable environment, you will strengthen its health and increase resistance to disease.Do not listen to grandmothers and girlfriends, the Board closed all the doors and turn on the heater - use common sense and care about the kid.Clean, cool and humid air in the room where the baby lives, he provides a sound sleep and well-being throughout the day.