Fire safety for children

Fires in Russia, unfortunately, not stopped, burning wood, burn the house.Fire - it is a great misfortune.The consequences of the disaster can be measured in money, but human life, especially the lives of children, perishing in a fire, priceless.Only a strict, unconditional adherence to all the rules of fire safety can help prevent material losses and casualties.

smart kids do not read the articles, but fire safety for children - is paramount.It must be ensured adults.Teach children how to behave - the duty of all adults are adequate people.


Fire safety for children included in the educational and instructional programs preschool institutions.All available Baby forms and methods of using colorful visual aids educators conduct explanatory conversations about rules of behavior.Fire safety for preschoolers laid down in the first and the main rule, which says - to take over the match can not be!This rule is not discussed, it is not questioned.Then the adults to the extent possible, your

imagination can complement and repeat this rule, to fix it in the child's mind, despite the well-known saying of the sweet forbidden fruit.Let the baby is developed principle - not to do bad to not allow this to a friend!

Fire safety for children involves preventing Games in dangerous places such as attics, basements and barns, walking in the dark of buildings made of wood.Kids can be taught to use the flashlight.

Children and appliances

in human life from childhood surrounded by many electric appliances.Fire safety for children is directly related to electrical appliances.Children should be prepared for the fact that the appliances are included in the network, it carries the risk that consumer electronics is often the cause of the fire, if properly exploited.Hence, there is another strict rule - play with electric heaters is hazardous to health and life.

behavior in case of fire

Sometimes you can not prevent a fire, and the fire does occur.For such a situation, you need to always be ready to act quickly and confidently.Children also need to learn the rules of behavior in case of fire.So can manifest fire safety for kids to practice.Knowledge of the most important rules and their application in the circumstances would allow to save himself and help the family.

Fight fire have grown, but the alarm can give each student organized and older preschoolers.The child needs to know that the number of fire service - 01, and on his cell phone to dial 112. Should you need to call customer service, clearly inform the address, name and wait for help.

If the fire started in the apartment, and adults is not at home, you need to run away from the fire, carefully closing the door to the fire did not spread further.

If the door of the house was closed and it is impossible to get out, to shout out the window to call for help.Being in a burning apartment, of course, very scary, but hiding in the closet, under the bed or other secret places is impossible, because the fire is very difficult to find children in such places.

In case of fire clothes to fall on the floor or on the ground and ride the extinction of the fire.If you get burned hands should substitute it under a stream of cold water and call for help adults.In case of fire in the stairwell can not leave the apartment.It is necessary to open a window or a balcony (though the window) and a loud call for help.

In case of fire in the home should not use the elevator, as it may stop between floors and lock in a real trap.

let not scare the children a peaceful fire!