Security apartments during the holiday season

Soon the summer, the long-awaited holiday season.But it is also the favorite season for thieves apartment, for which the peak of the work begins.Therefore, for us the most important is the preparation of the apartment / house / Cottage for our long absence.There are a number of rules, by means of which can significantly improve the security of apartment.

Here are the basic rules to protect the house from thieves:

Rule №1.

If you live alone or with the whole family leave, do not write about it in social networks, as it is in social networks thieves find most of their potential victims.If the apartment is still some left, then this point does not concern you, as for the safety of the apartment will meet the remaining homes.

Rule №2.

If you live on the first or the last floor, or have access to your window with a tree canopy or driveway, then for you there is actual security windows.Now the majority of plastic windows have burglar-proof fittings that will not allow to get into your apartment t

hrough a window.If you have normal windows, then you can consider the option of mounting on the window grilles or shutters special role, but both these methods are not very aesthetic.Therefore, if the holidays are still a couple of weeks and there is a certain amount of money in reserve (the blessing, Now installation of plastic windows are not very costly as it was 3-5 years ago), you can replace your old windows with new ordering anywindow company service « windows turnkey ».But always make sure that the windows are equipped with anti-burglary fittings, as for you, this point is particularly important.

Rule №3.

can be set in the apartment of a special device simulates turning on and off lights in the apartment or install a sensor that approaches the apartment will imitate the barking of dogs, which discourage any thief.

Rule №4.

can put the apartment on guard.To do this, you can contact the security organization that specializes in the protection of residential break-ins and theft.It is important to pay attention to the reputation of the organization to which you are going to apply.

Rule №5.

It should warn the most reliable neighbor to look after the apartment during your vacation.Sometimes it is the neighbors rescued from an apartment burglary, promptly call the police.

Here are the basic rules that will help you protect your home from burglary.Have a nice vacation!