Rim locks barrier

Immunity can now be called the main factor affecting our way of life.From time to time we hear that in some developed countries people live without fear for their lives, health - leave the door is not closed.Unfortunately, in our country, the door will be blatant malefactors interpreted as a challenge, because of the lock assembly with additional protection functions over the years become a more urgent.It is no secret that the number of crimes related to the assassination attempt on another's good, is directly proportional to the well-being of citizens.That's because of the installation of locks in St. Petersburg - in great demand.Needless to hide, Russia is famous not only show-Men, singers, poets, but also crime bosses.For experienced thieves hack conventional locking device is extremely simple, because it is not necessary to skimp on quality locks.Of these locks can be called a number of undisputed leader.Each model has its own advantages.Devices Chiza, barrier and crit - so the trio looks the best.

If you have not scattered his possessions, then definitely reflect on the way from their homes to create a real stronghold is inaccessible to thieves.To achieve this, one must establish a quality locking device.For example, the lock cisa.Currently on display are presented mechanical, electromechanical devices of this brand.Special attention deserve recoded lock cisa.This group provides the ability to increase the locks burglar doors because of the possibility of reprogramming.In addition it is worth noting two-system locks.Dual-system locks cisa connect cylinder and lever mechanisms.Such a tandem simplifies installation allows to save money, because in fact - is the 2 devices.Dual-system locks do both with the possibility of conversion, and without it.As the reputation of locking devices for the following positions are critical panic locks.Panic system allows you to quickly go to the house in case of danger.In St. Petersburg, has the right to take any lock 7RMP Crete, which is used for ordinary and fire doors.
Having reliable locking system ensures the safety of property, family health.Today in our market there is a huge range of different kinds of locks with the presence of a list of the latest design solutions.However, there are also plain from the constructive point of view of the model, but rather a reliable device to ensure proper protection of the premises.In particular, rim locks the barrier made up of several parts, although this does not prevent them giving high functionality.In St. Petersburg today, you can buy the castle barrier-4 - the most common model of the brand.In order to take these devices do not need to get up from the table, as with the help of thematic web store is to perform a much easier and faster.On some websites that provide the latest locking devices also offer incidental services, such as installation of the lock.