Noisy neighbors what to do: the charm of living in an apartment building.

If you live in an apartment building, you have a great chance of becoming a victim of noisy neighbors, that every day something is drilled, hammering, listening to music loudly, curse, or simply live so that others can only dream of tranquility.This problem is as old as the world.Noisy neighbors what to do - this is the main question that people often turn to lawyers or ask for help on the forums on the Internet.First of all, we must remember that if the neighbors are noisy day and night, do not stoop to their level and to go into open conflict.Try to deal with the problem by using legal means.

There is a special law which governs the possibility of creating noise.In principle, each region has its own nuances and its own laws relating to resolve the issue.But basically almost everywhere you can not make noise from 11 pm to 7 am, I mean loud TV running, screaming music, radio, loud cries and chants and other irritants that across the country are regularly deprived neighbors of rest and sleep.

The fact is that if the neighbors are noisy at night, it is one thing, but if they mock you day, the law says that they can create noise is not above a certain value.Unfortunately, these laws are almost never work, ie they are completely ineffective in dealing with troublemakers.And the question "what to do noisy neighbors" remains open.The fact that the penalties provided for such violations are ridiculous.Few people afraid warnings or withdrawal of a maximum of five hundred rubles.And still need to try to achieve the imposition of a fine.It turns out that every time the police cause is just silly, and does not leave it to such challenges.If you will be lucky outfit and still arrive, noisy neighbors have every right not to open the door to the police because he was in his apartment.

If you are interested in all the same answer to the question "what to do noisy neighbors", try to find a mate in the face of the district.You can write a statement of violation of public peace and even enlist the support of neighbors.Surely, a noise not only got you.Then you can count on the initiation of the case on administrative violation.For this reason enough already very fact that you call the police and have the support of other residents of the house.The problem is that our district is usually reluctant to take up the solution of such issues.After all, to prove that the neighbors do not just make noise, and therefore they rarely punished.

whole joke is that even if you can be classified as the luckiest, because the things you have achieved places, so that the hated neighbor pay a "giant" fine, it is quite possible, is not the end.After all, he can continue his elementary terror and more.It remains only to hope that the noisy neighbors are frightened of the police or they simply will conscientiously.

In general, if the police can not provide you with adequate support, it is necessary to go to court on their own.To do this, you need to draw up a statement about the people who are the violators of peace and bring the process to other neighbors.Then you should take a certificate stating who is living in the same apartment, and the problem with all the documents sent to the court.Make sure there is any evidence, they can be video or audio noise or even police protocol.Of course, the court can go long and not always results in line with expectations of the plaintiff.But it does reassure that there were occasions when rowdy neighbors even forcibly evicted from their apartment.

If noisy neighbors that do not always tell the law.Sometimes you have to talk to them yourself.There is a risk of running into a frank rudeness, then certainly there will be no other choice but to ask for help to the district, the police or the court.