The calculation of the tiles for the bathroom - it is important to do the right thing

Appearance - the card of any room.When he came to visit, all over again point out how nice and neat look like walls, ceilings and floors, and only then on the technical equipment and other aspects.

bathroom - is no exception.Generally, for walls and floors it uses a ceramic tile.The success of its styling is largely determined by how interesting layout has been designed and produced by the corresponding calculation of the tiles for the bathroom.And the more complex one, all the more carefully you need to go to the second.

Calculation tiles for the bathroom: you need to know

most simple - to determine the number of finishing material for the floor.Need to know:

  • dimensions of the floor;
  • way to layout (straight, diagonal, consisting of one type of tile or combination);
  • size of the bathroom, if it is installed;
  • geometrical dimensions of the tiles.

With walls everything is more complicated.First, you need to determine:

  • length of the perimeter walls, ceiling heights;
  • height of the bathroom,
    if it is installed (in fact for her to lay tile not necessarily at the same time it can influence the pattern is laid out);
  • bath will cover panel or laid out with tiles;
  • height and width of the doorway and windows, if any;
  • if will be installed shower - what will pan: Purchase or lined with tiles.

It is basic knowledge that will be needed before the plan layout.For starters, you can decide only the tile pattern will be, or whether it is combined with mosaics.Of course, the easiest option - light, for example, white tile for the bathroom in the upper part of the room, and under it through the border - dark.In this case, calculations are done simply.

But with the choice of materials, which are today, very few people stop to such.In general, preference is given more complex combinations, a variety of decorative inserts, and so on.One way or another, but will have to draw the wall of each room and decide on the layout, and only then do the calculation for the bathroom tiles.

In any case, should be considered:

  • size tiles;
  • reserve (minimum 5%, but may be more);
  • way to layout, which should be done taking into account the fact that in prominent places (including the corners) it is better to use a seamless tile, and not "trimming".

Calculation tiles for the bathroom: by hand or by using a special software?

Most free programs, which in large quantities appeared today allow help in order to correctly do the calculations, but only if the standard layout.The program will help determine the number of tiles, baseboards, and, perhaps, borders.In the case of a complex pattern will have to draw and count by hand.With this program you can check only about the total number.

Another thing - special programs that allow you to design bathrooms.Tile is selected as a finishing material, and simultaneously carried out the plan of its layout and calculation.