Select the door to the bathroom and toilet

doors to the bathroom and toilet with characteristics different from the standard interior doors.What is their dissimilarity?

main requirements for the doors to these rooms - humidity.This design is constantly exposed to aggressive water and steam, so it is natural that the conventional coating very soon will become worthless.In addition, in the bathroom is always a higher temperature than the rest of the premises apartments, so the door to the bathroom and toilet, made of wood, may eventually become deformed.Therefore it is better to pay attention to moisture-proof model.

buying doors for bathroom and toilet, you must decide what material they should be implemented.This is usually wood, chipboard, MDF and plastic.Door systems may differ not only material, but also the color, the shape of the other doors in the building.The notion that they must all be fulfilled in a single style, wrong.

If your bathroom is too small, the door will be constantly wet, which will lead to the rapid release of her fai

lure.In this situation, you will approach a plastic construction.

But if you want to install the bathroom door made of wood, it is necessary that it is coated with an extra layer of lacquer.Naturally, the doors are treated with special preservatives and additional layers of lacquer, will cost much more expensive than usual.By the way, today, many manufacturers are offering samples of rare wood that does not rot.

If you decide that you fit the door to the bathroom and toilet made of wood, you should take care of reliable ventilation system.Well, if these premises will be installed an additional fan, and between the door and the floor will be a gap of 1-2 cm.

Optional absolutely deaf to pick the door to the bathroom and toilet.Perfect model with an inset of frosted glass that can fit well in the interior of the apartment.

Usually installed in bathroom and toilet use swing doors, but in recent years become very popular sliding model.They are particularly suitable for small apartments with a small hallway.

Many people are happy to take on the door to the bathroom or toilet, made of plastic.Today this material may be colored in any color.Such structures will last you much longer than wood, it has not lost its appeal.

doors to the bathroom and toilet has the same hardware as conventional interior.Hinges, handles, locks and latches are made from different materials, but they are all perfectly resists moisture.Their installation is best left to professionals.

door to the toilet and bathroom should match the size of the doorway.When mounting is not always possible to narrow or widen the gap.Therefore, before purchasing the door further advice from a qualified installer will not be superfluous.

cost door for the bathroom depends on the material used, the quality of fittings, but we should remember that a quality product can not be cheap.