Successful creation or rule of the golden section

Capturing the moment - that this is the moment of creation of the artist or photographer.Besides inspiration, the master must follow strictly defined rules, with which appear: the contrast, placement, balance, respect for the rule-thirds and many others.But the priority is still recognized as the golden ratio, it is the rule of thirds.

Just about the complex

If present in simplified form the basis of the rules of the golden section, in fact - is the division of the time played into nine equal parts (three vertical three horizontal).For the first time it is specially introduced by Leonardo da Vinci, building all of their compositions in this kind of mesh.That it is almost confirmed that key elements of the image should be concentrated at the points of intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines.

Rule golden section in the photo to be a certain correction.Also devyatisegmentnoy grid is recommended to use the so-called triangle.The principle of their construction is based on the rule of thir

ds.To do this, at the upper point is held in the lower diagonal and from opposite top - beam dividing existing in one diagonal points of intersection of the inner grid.A key element of the composition is to be displayed in the middle of the largest of the resulting triangles.It is worth making a remark: the reduced scheme of the triangle displays only their principle, and therefore it makes sense to experiment with these instructions.

How to use mesh and triangles?

rule of the golden section effect in photography at a certain rate depending on what is displayed on it.

Factor horizon.According to the rule of thirds, it should be placed in horizontal lines.However, if the object is imprinted above the horizon, the factor passes through the bottom line, and vice versa.

Location main subject.A classical arrangement is considered in which the central element is in one of the points of intersection.If the photographer selects two objects, they should be on the diagonal or parallel points.

use triangles.The rule of the golden section in the present case departs from the canons, but only slightly.The object is not required to be placed at the intersection, but is as close to her in the middle triangle.

direction.This principle is used in a dynamic shooting pictures lies in the fact that before the movable object must remain two-thirds of the image space.This will ensure that the effect of moving forward and an indication of the target.Otherwise, the picture may remain misunderstood.

Adjustment rules of the golden section

Despite the fact that the rule of thirds in the existing theory of composition is considered a classic, more and more photographers are inclined to abandon it.Motivating them is simple: an analysis of paintings by famous artists shows that the golden ratio is not maintained.With this statement is debatable.

consider all the famous Mona Lisa, which opponents of using the rule of thirds cited as an example (forgetting that da Vinci himself was at the forefront of its practical use).Their argument is that the master did not consider it necessary to place the key elements of the picture of the points of intersection, as required by the classical image.But they overlooked factor is the horizontal lines, wherein the head and torso depicted positioned so that the silhouette generally not "cut eye".Furthermore, in this work are more spiral used, which in most cases overlooked theorists pictures.And so you can refute allegations regarding virtually every creature, of an example.

Rule golden section can be used, but you can refuse it if you want to emphasize the disharmony of the composition.However, to say that it is not the key to the formation of an art object, it is impossible.