Portrait photography: the basic rules and recommendations

Portrait photography - one of the most difficult types of work.The fact that the task of the photographer should include the transfer of not only the beautiful appearance of man, but the main thing is to show the hidden, inner essence and its versatility.Therefore, not every photo with smiling faces can be called a good portrait.

to create an artistic image is not always require special and expensive machinery.The main one is the professionalism of the photographer, his intuition and adherence to a set of principles on which to base portraiture.

first rule.Be sure to take into account the fact that the model can not be in the center.The image will be the most natural, if a person is to put a little bit right or left.Of course, there should be plenty of space, everything has to be in proportion.

second rule.Portraits get very interesting, if you do a close-up, which should get the person or part of it.This approach can give emotional image.For example, fatigue will be highlighted by the presence of

unshaven, in a good mood - luminous eyes and so on.

third rule.Portrait photography is not should be "head".The model can not even look into the camera.On the contrary, the most interesting photographs are those people if something enthusiastically engaged in, looking thoughtfully toward or just watching.At the moment the natural model.

fourth rule.The frame should get the minimum number of objects (furniture, other people and other things).Leave only need something that relates to this story.

fifth rule.It "gives life" and sends a special mood in the presence of human hands of any subject.It can be a flower, a toy telephone, umbrella, leaves and so on.The main thing that he looked perfectly in the frame.

sixth rule.What is important is the depth of field.To do exceptionally sharp picture, and the background to be blurred.It is a basic principle, when there is a portrait shot in the street.

seventh rule.When the focus is carried out, then it must be the eyes, clear and precise.When ready to turn, the sharpness needed to direct the eye of the neighbor.

eighth rule.When taking a balanced composition is required to comply.In the frame may not be much of Nature (the sky, forests, rivers, and so on), unless required by the plot.It is necessary to make sure that the frame does not hit anything ugly (old walls, pipes, garbage, etc.).

ninth rule.Portrait photography will be interesting if the model will not be easy to smile stiffly into the frame.Only natural - the key to success.

tenth rule.When done portrait, then you need to focus only on her.Even though in the background there is the stunning beauty of the mountains, the photographer should focus only on the models that it was she who became the main center, and all the rest - only the background.

eleventh rule.When the available opportunities to exercise portrait shooting only need a tripod.

In conclusion it should be noted next.Worked as a photographer is recommended only in the soft light: in the morning, or as close to the evening.In addition, good shooting in cloudy weather because even lighting will promote the production worked and soft portraits.

But the most unfortunate time for a noon, as the sun is high, the light is extremely bright and the shadows - deep and sharp.Therefore, a person in the shade can turn almost black.To avoid this, you need to turn on the "fill flash."

while respecting the fundamental rules of portraiture get stunning.