Acting ideal portfolio or how to organize, take the picture

, however, make a good actor portfolio, competently organize it and choose to take photographs of a good photographer - is, at times, the whole dilemma.Let's go through the step by step process of drawing up acting portfolio.

Determine the term "acting portfolio┬╗
Let us, to begin with, we shall understand - what is acting portfolio.Originally, the word portfolio is a list of works carried out by the organization or person.For example, portfolio construction company - it is the number of constructed objects, and interior designer portfolio - the number of successfully designed buildings.

Based on the above, the portfolio of the actor - a list of the works carried out by him, that is, acting portfolio - the number of the actor played roles in theater, movies and television series.

Portfolio novice actor
, however, that investing in the concept of the director or actor's portfolio casting director, asking to send the novice actor, who does not have at this time the roles played or the number of e

pisodes won back quite a small amount.

The answer is simple.The portfolio novice actor should include two key elements: a questionnaire describing the ability of the actor: vocal, dance ... In short all those abilities that are made from human actor.

An important point of this questionnaire is to form a line and the presence of stage experience.Here, much detail is necessary to describe all their experience, their data, and university, in which the actor had the honor to receive the theatrical education.

second important point of acting portfolio is a set of photographs that reveal the type of actor and his ability to go to the image.Depending on the agency or the director to the number of photos attached to the application form of acting portfolio ranges from 20 to 35 shots.

As a rule, in order to understand a type of actor missing 20 pictures.35 images is necessary if the director is necessary before calling the actor to audition for his ability to come and see the image.Who are the directors it will require, and who is not - you can not guess, and therefore do not neglect the existence of these pictures in his acting portfolio.

How much time is necessary to capture the actor's portfolio?
Note that the person being in an unfamiliar environment, in spite of his sociability and acting skills, you need a certain time to what is called "poprivyknut."Especially if you have to get used to a camera lens.Especially when it comes to making the most open and then enter into the image.

Let us remember that even in the theater before entering the theater to the stage are a considerable number of rehearsals, which helps to open up and the actors get into character, and before shoot an episode of a movie - done a few takes.And during this time.About likewise removed acting portfolio.It can even be regarded as a dress rehearsal before the future role.

According to statistics, a person is revealed about the first forty minutes after the shooting, and that is called "annealed", starts around the beginning of the second hour.Therefore, the optimal amount of time that must be spent on photographing acting portfolio - 2-4 hours.

sure to go to the image data when taking pictures of the first acting portfolio?
Typically, aspiring actor does not possess sufficient experience of entering into the image and, more importantly, did not yet know how it looks from the outside when entering the image.

Therefore, when taking pictures of his first acting portfolio too much time on photography in the way of entry is not necessary.Better to concentrate on the facial features on the disclosure of photographs.And on the first photographing limited to one or two images and then coming home and analyzed the images and that can be modified - bring on the next photographing.

Description actor
Description actor - the main element of which is the selection of an actor for a particular role.Therefore, it is necessary to open as well as possible.

In disclosing the facial features in the photographs are not worth playing.It is important to be and be yourself.It is necessary to show their natural emotions, his demeanor and movements.Also, what the director is looking - this is the proportion of body and facial features, look.Try to show this much detail.

Do I need to ask you to put the photographer?
This is a losing option for the actor.Remember that having come to the audition and got the part you do not have someone who will raise and guide you.We'll have to play by yourself.And when taking pictures of acting portfolio necessary to behave as well - play and move yourself.The only thing that you can negotiate with the photographer when taking pictures of acting portfolio is that he suggested to you - how and in what light you look the most advantageous.In this case - the better you set tandem with the photographer, the more chances to get to get good photos.

What to bring with them in the studio.
bscheizvestnym fact is that the clothing is strong enough can change a person.Therefore, do not be lazy to bring in a photo studio several options for clothes: business suit, sports, evening dress ...

Clothes should not be bright, so as not to distract themselves, without bright spots.It would be better if an actor when acting portfolio photography abandon jewelry and ornaments.

Requirements acting portfolio
acting on the photos must be a minimum of makeup, at least retouch.It is not necessary to embellish pictures - they have to be truthful and show just for you.You must present a photo in full growth, close-up portrait, shoulder portraits, pictures of half growth.

Photos should be performed on a uniform background (white, black or gray).The light should be smooth, without bright spots of light.

Choosing a photographer to take pictures of acting portfolio, make sure that he specializes in studio photography of actors.This will give you a chance to get the best of acting portfolio of a photographer who knows the ins and outs of his photography.

you successful acting career.Sincerely, professional photographer Leonid Starikov.