Genres pictures - where is concealed the soul of the master?

photographer as an artist, the mood, emotions and feelings through their works.As a rule, if the picture has become a favorite occupation, the master chooses for one or at most two items imprinting.

Genres photos most accurately reveal the inner world photographer.And depending on what the soul is full of professional or amateur, in the end, the viewer sees the reflection of the inner world of masters.

Among the variety of subjects is customary to distinguish four groups of subjects, sealed the camera lens: people, nature (animate and inanimate), as well as events.And, accordingly, there are genres of photography: portrait, still life, landscape and reportage.


Capture person - it seems to be the easiest.But it is not.Each photographic work of this kind of special role played by a bunch of "model - a photographer."Therefore, experts identify the following genres of mini photos by category "Portrait»:

  • studio photography and the work of field use,
  • psychological and non-psychologic
    al portrait.

The main task of the studio shooting portrait photographer is to create the necessary lighting model.Depending on the purpose of the image light can be backlit or modeling.The first is located behind the model and creates a clear boundary between it and the background.The second characterizes the top location for creating the game of light and shade.

Work in field use requires, first of all, from the detailed study of the idea of ​​the photographer portrait - the area, the location of the light source, additional subjects in the frame, which will emphasize the advantages of the model.

Such genres of photography, as a psychological and non-psychological portrait, created a master for a variety of purposes.The reflection of the inner world model is necessary for their own purposes imprinted photographer or person.A non-psychological portrait - is the most vivid example of commercial photography, where real human feelings do not matter.


know what was the first picture in the world?Landscape - "View" in 1826.That landscape is considered aerobatics imprinting with the camera.As in the portrait, in this category have their own mini genre of photography: architectural, surveying the weather, terrain, flora and fauna, aerial photography.But despite the wide variety of items for all categories, there are uniform rules for the success of landscape work.The first is the use of special filters and tripods.Secondly, the correct alignment of the composition by means of the election of a true perspective.And, third, the patience with which he will be given a single frame that combines light, color and point shooting.


Genres photos diverse in terms of their performance, but, according to most camera masters, the most difficult is "Still Life".The role of the photographer is that through the special "silent" models to convey the mood and soul of photography.It is worth remembering that the still life - it's always a studio shooting.And, then, in this art play a great role and composition of the balance of light.In addition, almost every picture of this area, according to the luminaries to be processed to extract the central element or the background changes and minor subjects.


Dynamics at the moment, so you can characterize this genre.Of all the areas in the pictures, it has no place in a report setting.It is always the documentary Capturing events.From a photographer requires an immediate response and professional handling of the camera.It should automatically build the desired shutter speed and aperture.

Report includes a mini-genre of photography: an ordinary event and reportage, documentary photography, street photo essay.They differ from each other special features, but mainly remains Faustian motto "Stop the Moment!You're beautiful. "

Genres photos in common - they all convey the idea and the mood of the photographer.