How to hem the curtains with his hands: treat the lower edge

Ready curtains bought at the store, rarely have the desired length.And even custom-made curtains may require additional processing (for example, if you for some reason have installed another ledge).How to hem the curtains so as not to alter the work several times?Use the tips below.The easiest way to hem curtains on a sewing machine, but you can do it manually.In this case, you will spend a little more time, but the aesthetic aspect of the subject does not suffer.

General advice for all kinds of edge work there are a few rules to facilitate the process.

  • Pick thread to match the fabric.In most materials made it a straight line will be invisible.
  • for materials, threads are strongly showered, perform additional processing on the edge of the sewing machine, using a seam "zigzag" on the maximum step.
  • double hem can be used for all types of curtains, except those that have a lining.How to hem curtains lined, discussed below.
  • to hem turned out beautiful and thread are not visible from the front side,
    use blindhem.For his performance capture needle one warp thread.On most sewing machines as a function of a hidden seam.
  • sure to baste the hem.Do long stitches and additionally use the pins.
  • After smetyvaniya iron the fold.To avoid distortions, Pin the fabric to the ironing board pins or spread a blanket on the floor smooth and iron curtain on it.
  • How to hem the curtains with his hands, so that eventually they hung exactly?The lower edge of the curtains sewed special weights, then the curtain hangs straight and not wince at the bottom.Weights are in the form of weighting cord, metal disks or solid chains.They are hiding in the hem, in corners or sewn to the underside of the small pockets.Some have openings and may be attached to the fabric as buttons.For curtains of thick fabric used heavy weights, and for use tulle weighting cord for the entire length of the hem.To cord does not hang out, it is attached to the fabric by hand through the segments of 20-30 cm.

stitched manually

to start iron the curtains and hang them in the window.If the fabric is heavy, let it otvisetsya few days.Measure the desired length, kill the pin or measure ruler inches.How to hem the curtains?The most common method of processing and the lower edge of the curtains and tulle is a double hem.The allowance will be 7 + 7 = 14 cm. Add it to the length of the curtains, soap and mark the two lines.One - line cutting, and the second - the length of finished curtains.Cut the fabric and start to sew.Tuck the double allowance, focusing on the line of markup, sour hem.Iron the iron and then sew a hidden direct or hemming (oblique) stitch.

for thick tissue on the corner junction hem is cut at an angle of 45 degrees.The thin material can not be cut.First, the bottom hem, and then - side edge.But if you're ready for hemming curtains, you can do the opposite, so as not to mess with a side seam - a big difference in appearance will not be.

stitch on the machine

Now tell how to hem curtains on the sewing machine.

  • double hem pritachivayut straight stitch on the edge, stitch length of about 3 mm.
  • Another way - to handle small zigzag hem.Folded hem is folded on the front side so that it extends 2-3 mm.Baste the fabric, and then set the car on the seam "zigzag" and sew, grabbing the edge of the curtain (where acts of 2-3 mm).The face of the thread is not visible.

Seamless edge processing

How to hem curtains organza, if a line spoils all the beauty?Perform seamless processing region.To do this, use a strip of double-sided adhesive non-woven fabrics.She put in hem and iron iron.The temperature of the tape is attached to the fabric.Observe mode ironing recommended for synthetic materials.

How to hem curtains lined

First prepare the curtain.The idea is to perform a hem unlined, otherwise the seams will be very thick.Cut off the bottom edge with an allowance of 12.5 cm. Also cut the lining to make it shorter facial paintings by 12.5 cm. To the corners curtains were flat, perform a lateral joint tissue at an angle of 45 degrees.Do hem to 5 cm, the second - to 7.5 cm. After that, smooth lining.Turns his back hem on the front side and sutured to the lining fabric.

In case there is no need to perform blindhem (if a line on the right side invisible), perform single hem curtains and mats, pritachivaya them to each other straight stitch.

In some cases, the design allows you to pull up the curtains bottom edge with braid or fringe.Also, perform a double bottom hem, only from the inside hem on top braid or additionally perform finish on the front side fringe.